Changes to car parking

A survey of parking demand along these streets was done for this project, and we are using the Parking Policy to guide these proposed changes.  

This survey has helped us to identify that taking a staged approach for parking changes on Aro Street will support residents and businesses to adapt to changes over time. 

Changes in stage one, 2023

Aro Street 
  • Convert one P20 parking space outside the fish and chip shop to six bike parks 
  • Change 16 P20 car parks in shopping area from 'Monday to Saturday' to seven days
  • Remove 4 coupon car parks parking spaces on the southern side near Durham Street  
  • Mark/paint car park spaces to improve parking efficiency.
Epuni Street
  • Change two unrestricted car parks to install two Cityhop carshare parking spaces 
  • Change one unrestricted car park to install one new mobility park.
Holloway Road
  • Change 68 unrestricted car parks to 35 residents only car parks and 33 residents and P120 car parks
Raroa Road 
  • Remove all on-street parking space on the uphill side - 34-44 cars regularly park here now
  • Remove 24 parking spaces on the downhill side to give more space at tight corners 


Changes in stage 2, 2024 

Aro Street
  • Remove 48 coupon car parks on the southern side 


Changes in stage 3, 2025

Aro Street
  • Remove 18 residents car parks and four coupon car parks on the southern side 
Ohiro Road
  • Change 20 coupon car parks to residents parking at the Aro Street end