How things are currently working - survey analysis

This document summarises community feedback on how people currently experience the bike and bus route on Rintoul Street, Luxford Street and Adelaide Road and how they use on-street parking in the Berhampore and Newtown area.

This information will be used by our project teams as they develop proposed changes for the area.

B2N BaselineSurvey Report 22Dec22 FINAL (5.6 MB)

Berhampore village background documents

Community workshops 2022

In November 2022, to restart the conversation and gather more up-to-date feedback from the community, we held two workshops to help come up with draft designs that fit with the objectives from earlier workshops held in 2019.

Read the summary of workshop 1

Read the summary of workshop 2

All drop-in sessions March-May 2019 - summary of feedback

Drop-in session May 2019 - community feedback

Drop-in session March 2019 - community feedback