You can explore the map below and see how the routes connect different parts of the city and people and places within neighbourhoods.

Schools / town centres

The network will link schools, neighbourhoods and local shopping areas.

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Primary / Secondary routes

The primary and secondary routes form our 147km bike network, of which 23km is built. The network is made up of 68km of primary connections which provide the backbone and cater for more trips and longer journeys to key destinations. The 79km of secondary connections joins local streets to the primary routes. 

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People living closer to the network

A strong transport network connects people and places. Many more people in Wellington will have easy access to one of the main routes, with 155,000 of us living within a 5-minute ride of the network.

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Connected programmes

As well as the bike network, and walking and bus improvements, we are working with Let's Get Wellington Moving on improvements to the central city area and on main routes that are part of that programme. LGWM is expected to install 34km of the bike network and the City Council will develop 90km. Other bike improvements will also happen as part of longer term transformations for mass rapid transit. 

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Tell us what you think

We’re seeking feedback on whether we’ve got the routes and connections quite right.
We'd also like to hear how the street changes could affect you, your neighbourhood and the city.
This is not a vote - your feedback will be considered alongside a whole range of other things.

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