Brooklyn to city flyer

If you want to share information about the Brooklyn to city project with stakeholders, you can download this flyer. It gives a summary of what the project is about, a route map and the issues we're considering.

Brooklyn to City flyer July 2022 (5.7 MB)

Bike lane survey results

The public survey was online for six weeks once the bike lane was open for people to use. The results of the survey and other feedback were presented to Purōrō Āmua, the Planning and Environment Committee, for Councillors to make decisions on whether the project would progress to making permanent changes.

brooklyn rd trial survey results (121 KB)

Committee paper and Councillor decisions

At a 25 August 2021 meeting of Purōrō Āmua, the Planning and Environment Committee, Councillors agreed to consult the public on making permanent changes on the Brooklyn to city route, including improvements for pedestrians. They also agreed to extend the route so it includes upper Victoria and Webb streets, and continues to the intersection of Ohiro Road, Todman Street and Cleveland Street.

Read the Committee paper