Rugby Street bike lane - Adelaide Road to Tasman Street

A new one-way bike lane is being installed at the Basin Reserve roundabout on Rugby Street to make it safer for people riding from Adelaide Road up to Tasman Street. Work started in mid-2018 and will be completed in late 2018 when a section of the road is resealed. 


 What's changed

  • A bike lane has been marked on the south side of the road adjacent to the footpath.
  • The traffic island near the intersection of Rugby Street and Belfast Street was modified to create more space for the bike lane.
  • Six coupon parking spaces on the left-hand side of the road near the top of Rugby Street were removed.
  • Parking on the other side of Rugby Street will remain.
  • A rubber buffer and upright marker poles have been installed to more clearly define the lower part of the new lane.  Following feedback, these are to be moved out a little to create more space for people on bikes.


How this will help

This relatively simple interim improvement will make things a little safer for people who ride into the city using this route. About 150 people cycle via Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in the morning peak, and this number is likely to grow.

The section of the Basin roundabout between Adelaide Road and Belfast Street is part of State Highway 1 and used by about 19,300 vehicles a day. About 2500 vehicles a day use the top part of Rugby Street between Belfast Street and Tasman Street. 

The tight bend, constrained space and high traffic volumes near the intersection of Adelaide Road and Rugby Street make it difficult to find a way of improving things for people cycling downhill from Tasman Street to Adelaide Road.

However, we will continue to look for a solution as we consider routes and bike improvements through Newtown and Mt Cook.

This is one of a series of planned changes to improve connections and make it safer and easier for people to get places in the central city by bike.  

Incremental changes like these – combined with the more substantial changes likely through the Let’s Get Wellington Moving project – will together help to create a better cycling network.


How we got here and next steps

  • The feedback period on the traffic changes (resolutions) related to this proposal was 25 July to 11 August 2017.
  • Councillors approved the proposal on 14 September 2017.
  • We plan to install the bike lane in mid-2018. 
  • Other changes recommended by the Central City Area Working Group are being considered. Some – including improvements to crossings to the waterfront – may happen as part of routine upgrade programmes. Others will require traffic resolutions that will be advertised at a later date. 

Supporting documents for Rugby Street bike lane

Traffic resolution

This is the traffic resolution report for the Rugby Street bike lane between Adelaide Road and Tasman Street that went out for feedback in July 2017.


TR 81 17 Rugby Street cycle lane V2 JH 03072017 (2.3 MB)

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