We're making improvements for people on foot and on bikes

The new paths will replace the narrow shared path and informal walking path along the seaward side of Cobham Drive, and make this route safer and more enjoyable for people on foot and on bikes.  


Cobham Drive construction map

cobham construction map

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What's changing


  • The shared path is being replaced with a 2m-wide concrete footpath (nearest the sea) and a 2.5m to 3m-wide two-way asphalt bike path.
  • The separation between the two paths will vary along the route.
  • There will be a buffer between the bike path and the roadside kerb. The width of this will vary along the route.
  • Several trees near the Zephyrometer wind sculpture will be relocated to make space for the new paths.
  • The area will be landscaped and planted with hardy species. Plants have been selected to survive the harsh coastal environment of strong winds and salt spray, and be suitable for wildlife habitat.
  • The wind sculptures will be enhanced with landscaping, seats and bike parking so people can stop and enjoy the views.
  • At the Evans Bay Marina end, there will be better access to the small beach with platforms and places to sit.
  • At the car parking area near the Tower of Light wind sculpture (near the Troy Street roundabout), there will be bike racks and parking for about five cars. Landscaping will improve the access to the small beach.
  • There will be landscaping and seats in the area near the Calabar Road roundabout (near the end of the airport runway).

What to expect


What to look out for when work is happening

How the work will progress

  • Contractors will set up their main site office on the grassed area near the Zephyrometer wind sculpture and Evans Bay Marina. This area will be fenced off.
  • A second site office will be set up at the car parking area near the Tower of Light wind sculpture and Troy Street roundabout.
  • Contractors will start at the Calabar Road end, from where the paths are already built, and continue towards the Troy Street roundabout.
  • The walking path (nearest to the sea) will be built first and then become a temporary shared path until the bike path is completed.
  • People cycling on the road will be able to ride in the shoulder at first until the work moves closer to the kerb.
  • From about late May, between Calabar Road and Troy Street, the traffic lanes on the seaward side will be narrowed with barriers placed in the shoulder and the speed limit along this section will be reduced to 50km/h.
  • People biking on the road will then have to share the lane with the traffic or use the temporary shared path.
  • A second work crew is expected to start the earthworks and paths at the Evans Bay Marina end from about the end of May.
  • The 50km/h speed limit would then be extended along the length of Cobham Drive on the seaward-side lanes only. The city-bound lanes will be unaffected. The speed limit will stay in place until the project is completed.

Where work is happening

  • Construction fences and barriers will go up where the work is happening.
  • The car parking area near the Troy Street roundabout will be out of action for the duration of the project.
  • Kororā (little blue penguin) nests we have identified will be fenced off with plenty of space around them and safe access to and from the sea.
  • There will be fences in place to control erosion into the sea, and to protect the wind sculptures. 
  • Work hours will generally be Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm. There may be some work done at night between 8pm and 5.30am.
  • Traffic management will be in place when required. This will include the 50km/h speed limit on the seaward-side traffic lanes once the work moves closer to the road.
  • There will be safe arrangements for people on bikes and on foot around the work sites. Please keep bike speeds down, and take extra care.
  • Diggers, trucks and other machinery will be operating at times so expect some noise.