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Why this solution?

The bike path for Evans Bay will make the route around this part of the coast even more of a drawcard. As a popular commuter route from the east, and visitor and recreational destination, the route forms part of Te Aranui o Pōneke/ the Great Harbour Way – our region’s goal to one day have a walking and cycling path all the way around Wellington Harbour to Sinclair Head on the south coast.

The design is appropriate for a busy through route such as Evans Bay Parade, which has a lot of fast-moving traffic, including trucks and buses.


  • The two-way seaward-side bike path will be 3m wide wherever possible, and narrower in some places where space is constrained. The bike path will be above road level however no decision has yet been made as to whether it’s the same level as the footpath or slightly lower.
  • Parking for 173 vehicles will remain along this stretch – only 15 less than at the moment.
  • Parking on the seaward side will be against a kerb, as now, with an .8m-1m wide buffer between the kerb and the bike path to give people space for getting in and out of cars.
  • Bus stops on the seaward side will have a 1.5m-wide buffer between the kerb and bike path for people getting on and off buses.
  • New pedestrian crossings will be installed at Kio Bay and Balaena Bay.
  • Traffic lanes will generally be 3.5m wide. Extra width will be provided on bends.
  • Footpaths will generally be 2m wide. The width variation will change from between 1.4m and 6.6m to 1.8m and 5.6m.
  • The footpath in front of 82-90 Evans Bay Parade will be narrowed from 2.2m wide to 1.5m, reducing the lengths of the driveways at 82, 84, and 88 Evans Bay Parade by 700mm.

Proposed bus stop relocations:

  • Southbound bus stop opposite 24/26 Evans Bay Parade relocated about 70m further north.
  • Northbound bus stop outside 48/50 Evans Bay Parade relocated to be outside 56/60 Evans Bay Parade.
  • Northbound bus stop outside 90 Evans Bay Parade to be removed.
  • Southbound bus stop located at Balaena Bay public changing rooms relocated 20m further south.
  • Southbound bus stop opposite 128 Evans Bay Parade relocated to be opposite 148 Evans Bay Parade. 
  • Northbound bus stop at 212 Evans Bay Parade relocated to be outside 208 Evans Bay Parade.
  • Southbound bus stop opposite 220 Evans Bay Parade relocated about 20m further south.

Read the full Traffic Resolution Report (12.6MB PDF) and plans (12.2MB PDF)

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