We're making changes for people on foot and on bikes

Planning for this section of Evans Bay Parade, between Greta Point and Cobham Drive, is now in progress and consultation is likely to happen in August or September this year.  

Option being developed: Two-way seaward-side bike path separated from the traffic lane and the footpath

An example of the two-way bike path style being developed for this section.

Why this option?

We first consulted the public on suggested corridors and routes for safer and easier biking through the eastern suburbs in April/May 2016. At the time, there was more community support for this option than the other option that was consulted on. 

This option will connect with the two-way bike path under construction between Greta Point and Oriental Bay, and the new bike path along the harbour side of Cobham Drive. The proposed design provides a good level of protection for people on bikes. It is appropriate for a busy through route such as Evans Bay Parade, which has a lot of fast-moving traffic, including trucks and buses.

Read a summary of feedback (PDF 170KB), view summary community feedback graphs (PDF 283KB), and see all public submissions (PDF 18.1MB).

What’s next?

The Evans Bay project is being completed in two sections. Section 1, between Carlton Gore Road and NIWA at Greta Point, is under construction. 

Planning and concept design for Section 2, between Greta Point and Cobham Drive, is in progress. At this stage, we expect to consult on a preferred option in the first half of 2021.