Hutt Road connections

Hutt Road is part of Wellington’s Northern Connection between Bunny Street and Ngauranga.

  • In the first phase of work, the shared path from Aotea Quay overbridge to Caltex Fuel Stop was reconstructed to provide a two-way bike path and dedicated walking path. Work on the paths has been completed but is yet to start on widening the Kaiwharawhara Stream bridge (now expected to happen in the first half of 2019).
  • An extension was approved in November 2017, so the section of pathway between Aotea Quay overbridge and the Tinakori Road intersection has also been widened and upgraded.
  • Using a coastal route rather than Hutt Road was considered, but is not a viable option at this stage for a range of reasons.

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What’s been done on Hutt Road

Walking and biking path improvements 

  • Most of the lamp posts and other obstacles have been removed to create more space and make things safer.  
  • The paths have been resurfaced with concrete and asphalt to provide a smoother, more level surface.
  • Safety changes have been made at driveways and vehicle entrances to slow vehicles crossing the paths.
  • The bus stop near Placemakers has been modified to allow for the cycle bypass in behind.
  • The southbound bus stops from Hutt Road (north of Westminster Street) and Kaiwharawhara Road (near the Hutt Road intersection) are now combined into one stop south of Kaiwharawara Road so buses can more easily and safely pull in and out of traffic. 
  • Up to nine short-stay on-street car parks have been provided adjacent to the childcare centres.
  • There are about 70 new off-peak parking spaces next to the kerb north of Westminster Street (clearway 7am to 9.30am). 


On the western side of the road

  • We have installed more than 100 new poles and more energy efficient LED lights between Tinakori Road and Jarden Mile at Ngauranga.
  • The new poles have outreach arms of three to four metres and better lights.
  • Tree trimming has been carried out as required.


Hutt Road, Centennial Highway and Jarden Mile intersection

A major upgrade of this intersection is still under discussion to make this intersection much more pedestrian and bike friendly but the timing is uncertain.

At this stage it includes:

  • four new signalised crossings so people on bikes and on foot can safely cross the  SH2 on-ramp, the adjacent road (off-ramp) under the motorway, Hutt Road and Jarden Mile
  • new kerb ramps, bike and pedestrian cross-now lights, and wide crossings to cater for people walking and biking at all four locations
  • new bike paths through the traffic island at the bottom of the gorge near the SH2 on-ramp following the existing short-cuts (desire lines) people use to get across this grassy area
  • improvements at the three bus stops that are close to the intersection
  • two new sections of bus lane on each side of the intersection to assist city-bound buses
  • improvements to the camber of the road heading north up the gorge (the first part of Centennial Highway just north of Jarden Mile)
  • resealing the whole intersection and putting in new road markings.