Map showing route line from Dee Street roundabout along Adelaide Road, Luxford Street, and Rintoul Street, and connecting to Riddiford Street

A city fit for the future

Wellington is growing, and more people will be living in apartments or townhouses – in suburban areas on main transport routes as well as the central city. The 2021 Spatial Plan allows for more medium density living in the central city suburbs like Newtown and Berhampore.

To support this growth, we’re changing to a more sustainable transport system that will reduce harmful emissions and give new and current residents more choices for how they can get around.

Our goal is to be a city where people of all ages and abilities can move easily and freely on foot, bike, scooter, or public transport, and free up space for those who need to drive.

The route - the most important connections

Paneke Pōneke is our plan for a citywide network of connected bike/scooter routes that will be combined with improvements for people walking, scooting and taking the bus.

We’ve made a start on improvements for people on buses and bikes from Newtown to the city. Similar changes are planned from the northern end of The Parade in Island Bay to Newtown via Adelaide Road, Luxford, Rintoul and Riddiford streets.

The Island Bay to Newtown connection project will make it easier and safer to get places in these neighbourhoods, including local shops, cafes and businesses, childcare centres, schools and tertiary institutions, hospitals and health services, community facilities, parks, sports and recreation.

We’re using adaptable materials so we can quickly install changes once the design is approved. This means people can start using the route sooner, then make suggestions to help refine the designs once they’re installed. Making changes in this way will help to get the bike network in place as quickly as possible so more people can benefit.

Preparing for the future – more choices for more people

The changes along these streets will make things safer and easier for everyone using this busy route. Whether you walk, cycle, or catch the bus, more people will have more choice for how they can get to and from work, school, or tertiary study, dropping kids at day care, local shops, or sports and recreation.

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