We're making improvements for people on foot and on bikes

This is one of several projects under way, or starting soon in this area, which will together provide safer and easier biking connections to places including the Kilbirnie shops, Miramar, Newtown, and the central city via Evans Bay.

The bike path and separate footpath will be developed on the St Patrick’s College side, replacing the existing shared path. The two-way bike path will connect with the new bike paths being built on Rongotai Road, the two-way path to be built around Evans Bay, and the new paths being constructed on Cobham Drive.

Work to install the new paths will be under way from 13 December at the Cobham Drive end. View the construction details.

Councillors approved the project in March 2018 following community engagement in 2017.

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2 April 2019 Slip lane trial closure starts

The left-turning slip lane from Cobham Drive into Evans Bay Parade has been closed to vehicles with a small kerb and artificial grass, for a three-month trial in conjunction with the NZ Transport Agency.

We're keen to make this intersection safer for people walking and biking. The trial will test whether there is any effect on traffic on Cobham Drive. 

Drivers can still turn left into Evans Bay Parade at the traffic lights.

13 December 2018 Construction under way

Contractors will start on the section between Cobham Drive and Kilbirnie Crescent, at the Cobham Drive end, from 13 December. Over the next two months, the focus will be to get as much done as possible near St Patrick's College during the school holidays.

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December 2018: Find out more More Less

This part of Evans Bay Parade is part of the Kilbirnie Connections network. You can find more information about the work done to date in the Kilbirnie Connections timeline.

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