Approved solution: Uphill bike lanes on one side with a raised buffer, sharrows in the downhill traffic lanes

ConstableCrawford Hero combined
Why this solution?

This route is an important connection for people biking between Kilbirnie and Newtown, and to the central city. The design will give better protection for people on bikes. It is appropriate for a busy through route such as Crawford Road, which has a lot of fast-moving traffic, including buses.

  • On Constable Street, eight spaces for parking will be removed. 
  • On Crawford Road, remove parking on the uphill side and two parking spaces at the bottom by Childers Terrace. 
  • At the bus stops on both Constable Street and Crawford Road, the bike path will be at footpath level to make it easier for people getting on and off the bus. 
  • Traffic lanes on Constable Street will be narrowed from 4.5m wide to 3.8m.
  • On some sections of Crawford Road the painted median will be removed. 
  • A new pedestrian crossing will be installed near Naughton Terrace to make it easier for residents to cross Crawford Road.
  • Bike stop boxes will be installed at the traffic lights at the Constable Street and Coromandel Street intersection.

Read the full Traffic Resolution Report for Constable Street (334KB PDF) and Crawford Road (707KB PDF), and plans (6.1MB PDF)

Community feedback

We have received feedback from the community about this project. Click here to view the summary graphs.