The content on this page was accurate at the time of the traffic resolution consultation, and some changes were made to the project as a result of community feedback. We've kept this page to make sure we are being transparent about our process and to show how the project has developed. The main project page is the most up to date place, and more information about the Council's decision can be found in the meeting minutes. 

Making it possible for more people to make more low carbon trips requires some changes to how we use space on our streets. This means changes to parking in some areas.

In Kilbirnie, Lyall Bay and Rongotai, parking surveys show that alternative parking should usually be available for those who need it within a few minutes’ walk.

In and around the streets where changes are planned, around 250 on-street parks will be removed but almost 1900 will remain. There are also over 500 off-street parks available for people using the Onepu Road commercial area and the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre. Where the majority of car parking removal is proposed on both Coutts Street and Onepu Road, over 90 percent of properties have access to private off-street parking.

New time-restricted parking, or changes to existing time-restrictions, are proposed in several locations to assist businesses.

Onepu Road

  • Remove all on-street parking between Rongotai Road and Coutts Street (31 P60 car parks)
  • Retain 38 parking spaces between Coutts Street and Lyall Parade on the west (Wha Street) side (about 32 parking spaces removed)
  • New P30 loading zone outside 46 Onepu Road
  • Replace the existing single P10 parking space outside 142 Onepu with two P10 parking spaces outside 134-136 Onepu Road (approximately 30m to the north)
  • Remove all on-street parking on the east side between Coutts Street and Lyall Parade (about 66 parking spaces).

Apu Crescent

  • Replace three unrestricted parking spaces with three P10 car parks outside 155 Onepu Road (Lyall Bay Minimart).

Wha Street

  • Extend the P10 parking near Onepu Road Dairy from two to three car parks
  • Replace two unrestricted parking spaces with two P60 carparks near 144 Onepu Road (Elements Lyall Bay).

Tacy Street

  • Remove one parallel car park adjacent to a planned raised crossing at the Kemp Street entrance to the southern part of Tacy Street
  • Move no-stopping restrictions to align with kerb changes on the north side of the Kemp Street intersection
  • Replace two angle parks at the netball courts with parking for 10 bikes
  • Install no-stopping restrictions adjacent to driveway entrances at 50 Tacy Street
  • Formalise no-stopping parking restrictions around the end of the cul-de-sac replacing seven car parks.

Kemp Street

  • Install no-stopping parking restrictions on two unrestricted parallel parking spaces outside 69-71 Kemp Street adjacent to a planned pedestrian and bike crossing near Ākau Tangi Sports Centre.

Coutts Street

  • Retain 13 parking spaces on the southern (Rongotai College) side between Tirangi Road and Mamari Street (23 parking spaces removed on this side between Tirangi and Te Whiti Street).
  • Remove approximately 39 parking spaces on the north side of Coutts Street (Te Whiti Street to Tirangi Road). Three parking spaces retained on this side between Te Whiti Street and Salek Street.
  • Change two unrestricted car parks and six P10hr angled car parks outside 261-267 Coutts Street (Autobarn Panelbeaters) to six P4hr parallel car parks to make this section safer and discourage long-stay airport-related parking to support businesses.

Tirangi Road

  • On-street parking removed on both sides of Tirangi Road between the Leonie Gill pathway and the Coutts Street roundabout (about 15 car parks removed)
  • Parking unaffected south of the planned new bike and walking crossing at the Leonie Gill pathway.

Mamari Street

  • Make two unrestricted car parks to two P10 car parksfor use by shop customers (Leo’s Burgers and Seafood).

For more, you can read the Parking Management Plan