Freyberg Street neighbourhood street trial

During Covid lockdowns we all saw first-hand how people used and enjoyed quieter streets. Changes to create slower, quieter  streets or neighbourhoods are a way to routinely enjoy these kinds of benefits.

Following community suggestions, we considered running some short-term trials to create some quieter lower-traffic neighbourhoods in this area. Potential trial sites considered were:

  • Ross Street between Endeavour and Coutts streets
  • Yule Street between Endeavour and Coutts streets
  • Freyberg Street near Lyall Bay School

Following consultation on Kilbirnie connections and discussions with locals, the only trial that has happened at this stage is in the northern section of Freyberg Street.  

It's hoped the trial changes are making the section of Freyberg Street between Wha Street and Queens Drive safer and calmer and encouraging more children to walk, scoot or bike at least some of the way to school.

What's happened so far and next steps

We have been working with a community group that includes Lyall Bay School staff, a school board representative, and local residents to  plan, refine, and then evaluate these street changes.  A get-together was held at the school in August for people living in this block of Freyberg Street to talk and find out more about the plans. Trial changes were made in early November 2023 and will be in place through the summer till the end of the first term in 2024.

There will be an opportunity to provide feedback in early to mid-2024, once people have had time to adjust to the street changes. This along with data on speeds, traffic counts and feedback from the school will help determine next steps.

We will continue to liaise with emergency services.  

Changes being trialled in Freyberg Street

We're trialling a new layout at the intersection of Wha Street and Freyberg Street to encourage safer speeds and reduce crossing distances to make it easier and safer for people of all ages and abilities to cross the road here. 

Changes have been made at all four corners of the intersection using paint and plastic hit sticks to extend the pedestrian waiting spaces and create two trial central islands on Wha Street.  

Further down Freyberg Street, adjacent to the school entrance, planter boxes and seats have been positioned to create and trial a safe pedestrian area, stretching from  one side of the street to the other.  People are still able to drive in and out via Wha Street and Queens Drive and get to all driveways, but can't use this section of street as a through route or rat run. On either side of the new pedestrian area, there are two cul-de-sacs and adjacent turn-around areas.

Students and staff at the school assisted with some of the creative finishing touches, including helping to design and paint a sea-themed mural on the street in the pedestrian area. 

The aim of the changes is to make the street safer for everyone including children and pets, and a more pleasant place to live, and walk, bike and scoot through. They have slightly reduced the amount of space available for on-street parking in these locations. 

Associated with this project, and in response to community requests, we have also altered and raised the pedestrian crossing on Queens Drive near the school to encourage safer speeds and make it safer to cross here.

Plans showing the trial changes

News story about the trial launch with images

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