Help make biking safer and easier for more people

This project is part of our programme to develop a connected citywide cycle network so people of all ages and abilities can safely choose to make more trips by bike.

The next stage is to review feedback on options for possible routes to make it easier and safer for more people to ride bikes in Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook. This involves taking a fresh look at how to improve neighbourhood connections and develop safer links to the city.

As well as the people who already cycle, we want families, children learning skills on school bike tracks, and anyone else who would like to be able to go by bike sometimes, to have routes where they feel comfortable riding.

This can only happen by making changes on some streets, so we hope you will work with us to help develop the best possible plan for your wider neighbourhood.

The Newtown Connections packages

In late 2018, we sought feedback on three options - different packages of routes and street changes. Four public drop-in sessions were held, and we also met with a range of groups and organisations.


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How we got here

NC process Jan 2018

We heard from more than 770 people during the first phase of community discussion (5 June–17 July 2018) on the Newtown Connections project. Of those, 85% thought it was important or very important to make it easier and safer for more people to ride bikes in and around the wider Newtown area. This information was used to develop a community brief which includes a set of community objectives that were used to help guide the development of the three proposed packages of routes and street changes that we sought feedback on in late 2018 (13 November–11 December). More than 1000 people provided their thoughts on these.

There are many potential cycling routes between Wakefield Park and the central city, through Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook to Pukeahu National War Memorial Park or the Basin Reserve.

Previous investigations and discussions over the last few years have shown a huge number of possibilities, each with advantages and disadvantages.

In 2014, a Citizens’ Advisory Panel, and others, began assessing potential cycling facilities in Berhampore and Newtown. In 2017, the Our Town Newtown project also sought feedback on the future of Newtown.

You can read more about the Citizens’ Advisory Panel and other historic work in the issues report.

Next steps

Once routes are determined, we will also look at what other changes could be made at the same time in these streets to make them more appealing for people who walk or get on and off buses. We would also be looking at possible ways to better manage parking. This would happen during detailed design, and ahead of a final opportunity to provide feedback on the preferred package - which may be a mix of the different packages under discussion.

We expect this third and final stage of consultation to happen in early 2019. Before then, we’ll consider all the feedback we received from the community and develop a recommended package of options (the routes and broad style of street changes).

Formal Submissions

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