The upcoming project will look at developing potential route options through Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook to connect the southern suburbs with local centres, schools and the central city.

The Council will soon be starting work with the Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook communities to develop options for safer biking routes. These will be part of the southern connection between Island Bay and Pukeahu National War Memorial Park or the Basin Reserve.

In late May and early June 2018, we will be meeting with organisations, stakeholders and members of the local community to review the previous recommendations, discuss any changes since this work was done in 2014, and identify other factors that need to be considered.

The wider community will also have an opportunity to provide information on how they get around, what's working and what's not, what they value most about these suburbs, and anything else people would like us to take into account during the planning process.

The feedback collected will be given to the design team to help them narrow down the options into a short list for public consultation in late 2018.

If your organisation would like to meet with Council staff, please email us at

WCC Urban 23 12 3327 Berhampore 

Improvements to bike routes in the southern suburbs will give people better choices for how they travel in their neighbourhoods and to the central city.

How we got here

Newtownconnections v3

There are many potential cycling routes between Wakefield Park and the central city, through Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook to Pukeahu National War Memorial Park or the Basin Reserve.

Previous investigations and discussions over the last few years have shown a huge number of options and possibilities, each with advantages and disadvantages.

In 2014, to help us narrow down the potential options that had been identified to the few most promising routes, we formed a citizens' advisory panel (77KB PDF). Their recommendations (460KB PDF) were presented to Councillors however no decisions were made at that time.

We're now reviewing and summarising all the existing material and will have more information available soon.

Formal Submissions

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