Help make biking safer and easier for more people

This project is part of our programme to develop a connected citywide cycle network so people of all ages and abilities can safely choose to make more trips by bike. The next stage is to make biking in Newtown, Berhampore and Mt Cook safer and easier. This will involve taking a fresh look at how to improve neighbourhood connections and develop safer links to the city.

As well as the people who already cycle, we want families, children learning skills on school bike tracks, and anyone else who would like to be able to go by bike sometimes, to have routes where they feel comfortable riding.

Approximately 770 people provided feedback during the first phase of engagement (5 June –17 July) for the Newtown Connections project. This information was used to develop a community brief which includes a set of community objectives that will help guide the next phase of the project.

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How we got here

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There are many potential cycling routes between Wakefield Park and the central city, through Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook to Pukeahu National War Memorial Park or the Basin Reserve.

Previous investigations and discussions over the last few years have shown a huge number of possibilities, each with advantages and disadvantages.

In 2014, a Citizens’ Advisory Panel, and others, began assessing potential cycling facilities in Berhampore and Newtown. In 2017, the Our Town Newtown project also sought feedback on the future of Newtown.

You can read more about the Citizens’ Advisory Panel and other historic work in the issues report.

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