Improving Berhampore village

If you live in or have an interest in Berhampore, we’d like to hear your ideas for how we can improve Berhampore village.

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People told us in 2018 as part of the Newtown Connections engagement that Berhampore village is a special area and needs attention.

Any improvements will include making things safer and easier for people on bikes through the shopping area as part of developing a safe and direct cycling route between the south coast and central city.

We want to get people thinking and talking about what kind of place they’d like the village to be. Nothing has been designed and no decisions have been made – so it’s a very good time to get involved and consider the possibilities. 

Some of the things we could improve include:

  • making it easier for people of all ages and abilities to move around
  • better paving on footpaths
  • planting and trees 
  • sheltered areas and seats
  • street art 
  • signs
  • better lights
  • identifying places of interest for mana whenua and preserving heritage
  • types of future residential housing.

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To start the conversation and gather feedback from the community, a drop-in session was held at Berhampore Community Centre on 23 March 2019. This was followed up with a second drop-in session held on Saturday 18 May 2019 at Berhampore Primary School. See a summary of all the feedback so far.

Or see the feedback from the individual drop in sessions.

The community has been saying for some time that Berhampore village needs an upgrade. This also came through in feedback we received in 2018 as part of engaging on Newtown Connections.

The project will include a safe cycling route through the shopping area and this provides an opportunity to make a village upgrade happen sooner.

A community working group has been set up to look more closely at the issues, challenges and potential solutions. Community engagement and consultation is likely to take at least a year.

Berhampore village area

Berhampore village is on the busy transport and commuter route between the south coast and Newtown.

We’re starting by finding out what you value most about the area, what works and what doesn’t, and the kinds of changes that could be made to improve the look and feel of the village.

The project area is marked in yellow on the map below:

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