How we're installing the route

The Newtown to city route is being installed in three sections:

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Section 1 - Riddiford Street near Mein and Hall streets

Work to install the separated bike lane, bus lane, and bus stop platforms was completed in June 2022.

Continued work to complete this section includes changing the kerb layout outside Wellington Hospital between the Accident and Emergency entrance and Mein Street to reconfigure the bike and traffic lanes leading up to the Mein/Hall intersection.

In response to community feedback, this also includes changes to the intersection layout at Mein Street and Riddiford Street. This involves:

  • relocate the bike lane to the left-hand side of the road from the hospital emergency entrance, with cycle lane dividers, so the  lane continues straight at the intersection before merging safely with vehicles
  • remove six car parks outside Newtown School so the bike lane continues straight at the intersection before merging safely with vehicles
  • provide more P10 pick-up and drop-off spaces on Mein and Riddiford streets for Newtown School
  • provide three P30 car parks on Hall Street (instead of unrestricted parking) outside SCL laboratory for their visitors

The separated bike lane outside 9-23 Riddiford Street will also be installed, and loading zone relocated around the corner at the Hospital Carpark Access Road.

This section is expected to be complete by end of November 2022.

Starting in November, work will start to install the bus and bike lanes, and bus stop platforms, on this section of Adelaide Road. Car parking spaces will be removed when the bus stop platforms and new road markings are complete. 

Once the changes are complete on Adelaide Road, there will be: 

  • separate bike lanes in most places
  • bus lanes that operate 24/7 in both directions
  • separate lanes for general traffic
  • some bus stops relocated and some removed
  • three new raised bus stop platforms, like the ones outside the hospital
  • no on-street parking except for eight P60 car parks outside the Urgent Pharmacy
  • no painted median strip 
  • parking reallocated on side streets, increasing short-term parking.

We expect this work to be complete end of January 2023.

Installation of changes along this section of the route is scheduled to happen once sections 1 and 2 are complete, however we are looking at possible ways to get it done sooner. The work includes:

  • improved bus lanes with extended hours on Kent Terrace and Cambridge Terrace
  • a two-way bike lane between the Basin Reserve and the waterfront via Cambridge Terrace and a short section of Kent Terrace
  • closed u-turn areas between Kent Terrace and Cambridge Terrace
  • no right-turn from Cambridge Terrace into Pirie Street
  • a new signalised diagonal bike crossing from Cambridge Terrace to Kent Terrace at the Courtenay Place intersection
  • easier access to taxi stands, relocated from the median island to outside Cambridge Hotel on Cambridge Terrace and outside the Embassy Theatre on Kent Terrace
  • shared path on Cable Street near Oriental Bay.

We expect this section to be complete in early 2023.

The main contractor doing the work will be Fulton Hogan. The work involves painting new road markings and installing physical dividers between bike lanes and bus lanes, low rubber speed humps that can easily be driven over at driveways, and raised platforms made of modular recycled material at bus stops. 

Work hours will generally be 9am to 4pm. The work will be coordinated to minimise traffic at peak times. There will be a 30km/h speed limit around the immediate work area.

Cones and barriers will be in place where required, but people will be able to get to shops and businesses in the vicinity, and people on foot will still be able to safely get past the work site and cross the road. If any issues should arise around access or deliveries, construction staff on site will be able to help.

Bus stops will be moved slightly while work happens and people on bikes will have to ride in the bus or traffic lanes as directed by traffic management until each section of the route is complete and fully open.

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Read our latest update - Thursday 1 June.

How you can give us feedback

Once these changes are made, we’ll be asking for further feedback on how the new bike and bus lanes are working as people get used to the street layouts. Tweaks can be made to iron out any minor issues and make improvements.

We’ll be gathering data on things like numbers of people on bikes and buses and how safe people walking and cycling feel before and after the new layout.

Feedback about more substantial changes will be passed on to the Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme, as more transformative changes along this route will be made when the planned mass rapid transit is installed. 

Feedback on the installation

If you've got feedback on how things are going during the installation process, we're keen to hear from you. Please email us at