Shelly Bay Road supporting documents

Shelly Bay Road upgrade - Report to Council, August 2022

This document was prepared by Council officers and sent to Councillors ahead of the Council meeting on 25 August. The report provides an overview of the potential options for an upgrade of Shelly Bay Road and seeks direction on an officer recommended approach, while providing other options for consideration.

Shelly Bay Road report for Council August 2022 (691 KB)

Shelly Bay Road upgrade additional opportunities: Feasibilities assessment report (Tonkin+Taylor, 19 August 2022)

Tonkin and Taylor has been engaged by WCC to explore opportunities to provide transport and amenity improvements as an addition to the consented works for Shelly Bay Road. This report outlines those improvement opportunities and locations where local widening could be achieved to accommodate improvements.

Shelly Bay Road Upgrades Additional opportunities feasibility assessment v3 (17 MB)

Shelly Bay Road upgrade - Options assessment report (Tonkin+Taylor, 15 June 2022)

This report from Tonkin and Taylor, provided in June 2022, outlines the process undertaken to identify and assess potential options to upgrade the Shelly Bay road corridor. It has been prepared as an update to the first version of this report, prepared for Wellington City Council (WCC) at the long listing stage in July 2020.

The purpose of this report is to outline the assessment process for evaluating options to upgrade Shelly Bay Road that align with the Council resolution of 27 September 2017.

Shelly Bay Road Upgrades Options Assessment Report incl App (39 MB)

Shelly Bay Road upgrade - Briefing to Council

This document was presented by Council officers at a Council briefing on 22 June 2022.

The purpose of the briefing was to update Councillors on progress on the Shelly Bay Road upgrade options and stakeholder engagement.

220622 SBR Upgrade Briefing to Council (1.4 MB)

Shelly Bay Road Advisory Group Terms of Reference 7 March 2022 

This outlines the membership and role of the Advisory Group which is where key stakeholders had an early opportunity to view, ask questions and assess the roading considerations and opportunities. They are also encouraged to provide submissions in the wider public engagement process.

Themes from the advisory group workshops

SBR Advisory Group TOR Terms of Reference FINAL 7 March 2022 (167 KB)

Assessment of roading options: Memo on short list of options - Shelly Bay Road Upgrade (Tonkin+Taylor, 29 April 2022)

This memo from Tonkin+Taylor to the Council provides a high-level summary of the long-list of identified roading options provided to Council in July 2020. This long-list was refined down to the short-list through a series of workshops with Council officers and a community advisory group for the project. 

Tonkin+Taylor will update the full report to reflect the full options assessment process that they have undertaken. This will be published with the Council paper on the Shelly Bay Upgrade that will be considered by Council on 30 June 2022. 

Shelly Bay Road Upgrades short list of options Tonkin and Taylor memo 20042022 (863 KB)

Preliminary Slope Hazard Assessment - Shelly Bay Road Upgrade (Tonkin + Taylor, 2020) 

The purpose of this assessment is to inform the geotechnical implications of the options, including effects on consenting, the environment, feasibility, and cost. The assessment is high-level only. 

T+T 2020 Shelly Bay Road Upgrades Preliminary Slope Hazard Assessment v1 (14 MB)

Constraints Map Shelly Bay Road Upgrade (Tonkin+Taylor, 13 March 2022)

This map highlights the various ecological and environmental constraints that have been identified through an engineering assessment (carried out by by Tonkin+Taylor) of Shelly Bay Road. 

Shelly Bay Road Constraints Map 2022 03 17 (24 MB)

Baseline coastal assessment - Shelly Bay Road Upgrade (Tonkin+Taylor, 2020)

The purpose of this assessment is to inform the coastal implications of the options, including effects on consenting, the environment, feasibility, and cost. The assessment is high-level only.

T+T 2020 Shelly Bay Road Upgrades Baseline Coastal Assessment final v1 (10 MB)

Virtual tour of Shelly Bay Road (Tonkin+Taylor, April 2022)

Tonkin+Taylor developed this virtual tour of Shelly Bay Road showing some of the ecological and environmental features of the area and the indicative footprint of the minimum standard consented requirements. 

You can watch the tour on the Council's You Tube channel

WSP Shelly Bay Road Heritage and Archaeological Significance and Risk Assessment (2020)  

The purpose of this assessment was to document the history of the place and surrounding context, with particular reference to the length of Shelly Bay Road, identify the heritage and archaeological values associated with the place, and outline any legislative requirements that will inform future works to the area. 

WSP Shelly Bay Road Heritage and Archaeological Significance and Risk Assessment July2020 (4.7 MB)

Shelly Bay Development webpage

Further information on the Shelly Bay development including resource consent documents and papers. 

Shelly Bay Development webpage

Key commercial terms (Page 7 onwards) 

Adopted by the Council on 11 November 2020, this paper outlines the key commercial terms between the development partnership and the Council for Shelly Bay. This includes the high-level public engagement approach and timeframes. 

Key Commercial Terms  (Page 7 onwards)