2017 Councillor-approved solution: Kerbside bike paths on both sides

Below are details of the design Councillors approved in 2017. It has not been progressed to date due to funding challenges.

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  • 1.5m-wide kerbside bike paths on both sides, above road level
  • 2m-wide footpaths, above the level of the bike paths
  • 900mm-wide buffer to separate parked cars from the bike paths
  • Traffic lanes widened to 3.5m in residential areas and 3.2m in the shopping centre
  • 500mm-wide painted median strip in residential areas
  • Removal of speed cushions in town centre
  • Road will be fully re-sealed when work is completed


  • Car parking up against the kerbs
  • No markings for individual car parking spaces in residential areas
  • Minimal use of no stopping lines near driveways (cars can be parked within 3m of driveways)
  • Angle car parking spaces retained outside the Island Bay Medical Centre
  • Car parking spaces outside dairies reinstated
  • Car parking spaces and outdoor dining space retained through the shopping centre
  • Potential for more on-street parking along Mersey Street, Medway Street and Derwent Street


  • Raised crossings at side-street intersections
  • Height of raised pedestrian crossings in the shopping centre will be reduced
  • Pedestrian crossing by the Empire Theatre retained
  • Safe 'walk to school' crossing moved further south of Medway Street
  • Pedestrian crossing near Humber Street reviewed as part of the detailed design
  • Existing width of the planted berm on the western side retained
Bus stops:
  • Bus stop outside number 88 The Parade relocated to 64 The Parade near Tamar Street
  • Bus stop outside number 101 The Parade relocated to 73 The Parade near Tamar Street
  • Northbound bus stop on The Parade near Humber Street relocated to the northern side of the intersection


Councillors agreed on the approved design at a meeting of the City Strategy Committee on 27 September 2017. Further discussion with the community around opportunities for public space enhancements in the town centre and potential options for making the bike paths visually distinctive in some way is planned as part of the detailed design phase.

The Parade draft concept designs

The draft concept designs below show the changes to the existing street layout that were agreed by City Councillors in September 2017. For more detail, view the concept designs (PDF 8.2MB)

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