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Cycle network documentsCycling Framework 2015The aim of the framework is to clearly show how the network can be developed, providing clarity and consistency, and helping us to decide the order in which we create different parts of the cycle network. Cycling Framework 2015 (1.

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Package A details

Package APackage A includes all three of the most direct connections for people cycling between Island Bay, Kilbirnie and the central city. It includes a link from Island Bay to South Wellington Intermediate School via an off-road path and bike lanes/paths on Russell Terrace.

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Package B details

Package BThis package provides the most direct connections from Island Bay and Kilbirnie to the central city but not the most direct link between Island Bay and Kilbirnie. Other than the connection to Kilbirnie, this package would provide fewer neighbourhood connections for people on bikes.

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Evans Bay

Akau Tangi / Evans Bay improvementsWe're upgrading this scenic walking and biking route around Akau Tangi / Evans Bay, from Carlton Gore Road on Oriental Bay to Cobham Drive, with a two-way bike path and separate footpath along Evans Bay Parade.

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