Consultation for the Newtown and Berhampore parking scheme is now closed. Councillors will make decisions at a meeting of Koata Hātepe, the Regulatory Processes Committee, on 4 April 2024.

The information on these pages was correct at the time of consultation. 

Other types of parking

Existing special-purpose parking spaces in residential streets – for instance EV charging spaces, car share and mobility parks – will generally stay where they are under the new scheme except where they need to be moved slightly to accommodate bike, bus and walking improvements on the main route between Newtown and Berhampore.

However, we are keen to hear if there are places where additional special-purpose parking should be considered.

Motorbikes and scooters

Motorbikes and scooters can be parked in unrestricted car parking spaces. If you live in the parking scheme area, and would like to also be able to park your motorbike in P180 resident permit exempt spaces, you will need to apply for a parking permit for your vehicle.

Future possible parking changes on the Town Belt and in parks

Through this consultation, we also want to flag that there will be changes proposed to parking restrictions in some parks and reserves in the Newtown and Berhampore area later this year. These changes are in recognition that changes to street parking near these facilities could have a flow-on effect at these facilities.

These could include changes to parking on:

  • Alexander Road through the Town Belt
  • Rugby League Park
  • Newtown Park
Parking changes on the route between Newtown and Island Bay

There are going to be changes to parking on the route between Newtown and Island Bay to make it safer and easier to bike, walk and take the bus. This includes changes that will maintain the same amount of parking near Wakefield Park. See  more on these changes:

Rintoul Street and Riddiford Street
Luxford Street
Adelaide Road, northern end of The Parade and Dover Street