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We're asking for your feedback on Wellington’s Draft Speed Management Plan that proposes to reduce speeds on most streets within the Wellington area to safe and appropriate speed levels.

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We are looking at how to develop this project.

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We are seeking feedback on the plans for this project.

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Plans have been approved for this project, and detailed construction drawings are now underway.

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This project is under construction.

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This project is currently on hold.

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You can use the new infrastructure here.

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This project is unlikely to proceed.

We're building a two-way bike path which will gradually replace the existing narrow on-road bike lanes and make this scenic route safer and more enjoyable for people walking and biking.

Planning Under construction

People in your community have been working with us on ways to make it easier and safer to walk and bike around Miramar, between the eastern suburbs and into the central city. We expect these projects to be progressed as future funding allows, but it is unlikely to happen in the next few years.

On hold

In the central city area, cycling will be a part of the wider transport options being developed through the Let's Get Wellington Moving programme.

In the short term, we're making a succession of smaller improvements in the central city, recognising that in future these routes will link to the major cycling corridors.

In use Unlikely to proceed

The new two-way bike path on Oriental Parade was officially opened on 11 December 2018.

In use

We're making improvements for people walking and biking to provide connections from Hutt Road through into the central city and waterfront.


Construction work to complete the walking and biking paths along the seaward side of Cobham Drive has resumed.

In use

We’ve replaced the shared path along Hutt Road with separate walking and cycling paths to make it safer for people on foot and on bikes.  We are now widening the  bridge over the stream, which is the last remaining pinch point.

In use

We're upgrading the shared path, to provide a better connection for people walking and biking between Newlands and Ngauranga. The path will also form part of improved connections to and from the central city. 

In use

We're making improvements for people walking and biking to provide connections to Evans Bay, Kilbirnie, and across Miramar. 

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