Wellington City Council’s Koata Hātepe Regulatory Processes Committee gave the go ahead on Wednesday 13 December for Berhampore to Newtown improvements. You can view the committee meeting on the Council Youtube Channel and read the committee papers here. 

Preparing for the future - more options for more people

The changes will make it safer and easier to walk, scoot, bike, or take the bus to schools, workplaces, sportsgrounds, community facilities, shops, cafes, and businesses.

Berhampore and Newtown are places where a lot more people will be living in the future - close to the central city and Wellington Regional Hospital’s campus, with access to shops, schools, cafes, Massey University, Te Whaea, Wellington Zoo, parks, and the Town Belt. Wakefield Park is a regional centre for sports and recreation.

Many Wellingtonians commute from other suburbs to work at the hospitals, travel to hospital appointments or to visit patients.

Connection from coast to coast

Aerial image of Newtown, Berhampore, and Island Bay showing how the Berhampore to Newtown cycleway connects with other routes.

The improvements for people on bikes using The Parade, Adelaide Road, Luxford Street, Rintoul Street, and Riddiford Street will complete the 6.3km safe cycling route between the south coast and central city.

Ngā panonitanga I Changes at a glance

B2N route2x v2

The route

The changes along these streets will make things safer and easier for everyone. The plans shown here are what we consulted on - we will upload the final designs when they're completed.


  • New raised pedestrian crossings, and existing crossings improved
  • Separated bike lanes on the uphill sections of Adelaide Road and Rintoul Street, with shared traffic lanes on the downhill parts
  • Separated bike lanes on both sides of Luxford Street and the northern end of The Parade
  • Extending the 30km/h speed zone on Luxford Street along to Rintoul Street
  • Moving some bus stops so there is better spacing between stops
  • Reduced on-street parking, and changes to parking restrictions including on some side streets.

See the impacts in more detail for each section:

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B2N changes for people walking2x v2

Changes for people walking


  • Lots more safe places to cross including new raised pedestrian crossings, raising some existing crossings and improving access to these with better kerbs and ramps
  • Safer and easier to walk to shops, schools, hospitals, community facilities, parks and sportsgrounds
  • Some parking removed on side streets to improve visibility
  • Reduce traffic speeds at intersections on Adelaide Road, at Luxford Street, Herald/Britomart streets, and Duppa Street
  • Dedicated lanes for people on bikes and scooters should create clearer footpaths for pedestrians.


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B2N changes for people on bikes2x v3

Changes for people on bikes


  • Separated bike lanes on the uphill sections of Adelaide Road and Rintoul Street, and shared traffic lanes downhill with sharrows
  • Separated bike lanes on both sides of Luxford Street
  • Separated bike lanes on The Parade between Dover and Dee streets
  • Short shared section of bike/bus lane on Riddiford Street
  • Shared traffic lanes with sharrows through Berhampore shopping area on Adelaide Road
  • Hook turn on Adelaide Road for the right turn into Luxford Street
  • Better bike parking at Wakefield Park and Newtown Community Centre.

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B2N change for people on bus2x v3

Changes for people using the bus


  • Raised platforms and in-lane bus stops so it’s easier for people to get on and off the bus
  • Better spacing between some bus stops where they are too close together
  • Faster bus trips on Rintoul Street as buses will no longer have to wait behind people on bikes riding uphill
  • Longer bus stops and extending some kerbs so drivers can pull in close to the kerb
  • More space on Rintoul Street for buses to pass each other

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B2N changes for people driving2x

Changes for people driving


  • New street layouts with separated bike lanes where they haven’t been before
  • On Rintoul Street and Adelaide Road, parking will be on one side only, alternating with uphill bike lanes
  • Drivers will no longer have to wait behind people on bikes where there are separated bike lanes
  • Extended 30km/h speed zone on Luxford Street along to Rintoul Street
  • No right turn from Luxford Street into Rintoul Street
  • New raised crossings in a number of locations to encourage safer speeds
  • New traffic light phasing at the Adelaide Road/Luxford Street intersection
  • In-lane bus stops, where buses will stop in the traffic lanes
  • Parking changes in various locations, including additional off-street parking for Wakefield Park users.

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Several changes were made to the plans that went to Councillors for approval:

  • improving patient access to Newtown Medical Centre on Rintoul Street by widening the footpath by the mobility car park and adding three P60 parks on the opposite side
  • changing some parking restrictions at the Rintoul Street shops in Berhampore, changing the loading zone at Berhampore shops to two P10 spaces, and adding a mobility park on Luxford Street
  • recommending the inclusion of Lavaud Street in the Berhampore parking zone – this change will be proposed as part of the traffic resolution for the parking scheme consultation in early 2024.

From mid-2022, we began engaging with residents and businesses about planned improvements for people walking, biking, or using buses in these streets.

Following discussions with community groups and stakeholders, changes to our proposed designs included:

  • Improving safety for people walking by proposals to reduce speeds through:
    • installing new raised crossings, including on Rintoul Street between Wakefield Hospital and Arvida Village at the Park, at the Rintoul and Luxford streets intersection, and on Adelaide Road at Britomart and Herald streets, Chilka Street and Wakefield Park
    • improving visibility at driveways on Rintoul Street, including at South Wellington Intermediate School and Arvida Village
  • Improving safety in the Berhampore shopping area through:
    • adding a mobility parking space on Adelaide Road (already approved as part of a separate traffic resolution)
    • extending the safer speed zone on Luxford Street along to the shops at Rintoul Street
    • installing a speed feedback sign for northbound drivers on Adelaide Road
    • installing a speed hump on Luxford Street at the left-turn slip lane into Adelaide Road, and judder bars at the BP station entrances/exits to deter red light runners
  • Improving safety at the Luxford/Rintoul intersection through:
    • removing the right turn from Luxford Street into Rintoul Street
    • including the lower section of Rintoul Street in the proposed 30km/h zone
    • installing a separated northbound bike lane around the corner from Luxford Street into Rintoul Street and providing more space for buses to make this turn by relocating parking
  • Retaining the existing parking capacity on Adelaide Road near Wakefield Park through:
    • retaining almost all on-street parking around the park
    • providing 15 new off-street angle parking spaces on Dover Street
    • working with our Parks team to look at options for increasing the amount of off-street parking
    • providing more and better bike parking at the grounds
  • Improving bus journeys along the route through:
    • installing raised platforms at several bus stops and providing more space for buses to pull right into the kerb so it’s easier for passengers to get on and off
    • improving visibility on Rintoul Street so bus drivers can see buses coming the other way and buses have space to pass
    • combining three bus stops into one new stop at the Berhampore shops
  • Providing more short-term parking and loading zones on:
    • Riddiford Street and Emmett Street
    • Adelaide Road and Herald Street at the Berhampore shops.

As part of our engagement, we’ve spoken to groups in the community and stakeholders to make changes to the proposed designs for the bike/bus route.

These groups included:

  • Arvida Village at the Park
  • Berhampore Community Association
  • Community housing residents
  • Cycle Wellington
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council (including Metlink)
  • Island Bay Residents Association
  • Let’s Get Wellington Moving
  • Living Streets Aotearoa
  • Local businesses
  • Local Police and emergency services
  • Local schools
  • Newtown Residents Association
  • Southern Cross Hospital
  • Sports clubs at Wakefield Park
  • Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
  • Wakefield Hospital
  • Wellington Hospital

Read a full set of plans and the traffic resolution

You can see the full plans and traffic resolution, as well as other supporting documents.

Aerial view of a technical diagram of an intersection.

Rintoul Street

View of Rintoul Street near Stoke Street, looking uphill towards Berhampore

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Rintoul Street

Rintoul Street with a raised crossing outside South Wellington Intermediate School, view towards Berhampore

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Rintoul Street and Luxford Street intersection

Corner of Rintoul Street and Luxford Street, looking towards Berhampore

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Luxford Street

Luxford Street, view towards Berhampore town centre

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Adelaide Road and Luxford Street intersection

The corner of Adelaide Road and Luxford Street, looking towards Island Bay

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Adelaide Road

Adelaide Road by Wakefield Park looking towards Island Bay

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