The changes for pedestrians, bikes, and buses on the Berhampore to Newtown route are being made in stages in 2024.


The work includes:

  • installing a new parking area (with spaces for 15 vehicles) on Dover Street
  • resealing the southern section of Adelaide Road as part of our ongoing maintenance programme before the bike lanes go in.

From March

The work includes:

  • installing a new raised crossing on Rintoul Street at the Luxford Street shops
  • removing the right turn from Luxford Street into Rintoul Street
  • installing new bus platforms on Rintoul Street, Luxford Street, and Adelaide Road
  • relocating the pedestrian refuge island by the bus turnaround area to south of Dover Street
  • installing a pedestrian refuge island on Adelaide Road near Dee Street and speed humps on The Parade at the approaches to Dee Street roundabout 
  • installing a raised crossing and two bus platforms on Adelaide Road south of Duppa Street and combining two bus stops into one
  • on Rintoul Street, raising the crossing outside South Wellington Intermediate School and installing a new raised crossing between Wakefield Hospital and Arvida Village in the Park
  • painting eight new parking spaces in the bus turnaround area on Adelaide Road
  • raising the pedestrian crossing by Wakefield Park
  • slightly relocating several bus stops on Adelaide Road
  • installing new bike lanes on Adelaide Road near Wakefield Park.

From mid-2024

The work will include:

  • installing a new raised signalised crossing at the Adelaide Road/Britomart Street intersection
  • installing a speed hump at the left-turn slip lane from Luxford Street into Adelaide Road
  • installing a raised pedestrian and bike crossing on Adelaide Road (near the BP station) to reduce vehicle speeds and provide a safer way for people on bikes to make the right turn into Luxford Street
  • combining the bus stops on Luxford Street and Adelaide Road into one new northbound stop (7124) on Adelaide Road in the shopping area (near number 462).
  • installing new bike lanes on the uphill sections of Rintoul Street, on both sides of Luxford Street and The Parade (between Dover Street and Dee Street), and on Riddiford Street between Mein Street and Rintoul Street.

What to expect during installation

The main contractor doing the work will be JFC. The work includes installing raised crossings and bus platforms, painting new road markings, and installing dividers between bike lanes and traffic lanes. 

Work hours will generally be 7am to 5pm (9am to 3pm in Berhampore shopping area). The work will be coordinated to minimise traffic at peak times. There will be a 30km/h speed limit around the immediate work areas.

Cones and barriers will be in place where required, but people will be able to get to shops and businesses in the vicinity, and people on foot will be able to safely get past the work site and cross the road. If any issues should arise around access or deliveries, construction staff on site will be able to help.

Bus stops may be moved slightly while work happens and people on bikes will have to ride in the bus or traffic lanes as directed by traffic management until each section of the route is complete and fully open.