What's changing and what we're building

The major work is complete and contractors are making the finishing touches needed at the end of any big job like this. The last of the planting will happen in autumn.

Major changes along Cobham Drive:
  • The area along the seaward side of Cobham Drive, between Evans Bay Marina and Calabar Road, will be landscaped and replanted. Plants have been selected to survive the harsh coastal environment of strong winds and salt spray, and be suitable for wildlife habitat. 
  • The wind sculptures will be enhanced with landscaping, seats and bike parking so people can stop and enjoy the views.
  • Next to Evans Bay marina, the little beach area will be more attractive and easier to get to. Several trees near the Zephyrometer wind sculpture will be moved close by to make space for the new paths.
  • The existing narrow shared path and the informal walking path are being replaced with a 2.5m to 3m-wide two-way asphalt bike path and a 2m-wide exposed aggregate concrete footpath (nearest to the sea).
  • The separation between the two paths will vary along the route.
  • There will be a buffer zone between the bike path and the roadside kerb.
  • The existing parking area near the Tower of Light wind sculpture and Troy Street roundabout will have bike racks and P180 parking for about five cars.
  • Replanting will happen over several years, with the hardiest plants being established first to create shelter for other species and provide wildlife habitat.

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