What to expect during construction

The development of the two-way bike path on Evans Bay Parade between Carlton Gore Road on Oriental Bay and Greta Point is a major project for the city.

Construction of the remaining 780m section between Weka Bay and Little Karaka Bay is underway.

This is the narrowest part of the route between Oriental Bay and Greta Point, and it’s taken longer than expected to complete the investigative and planning work required.

The new and improved seawalls at both bays will create more space for the new paths and strengthen resilience along this part of the coast.

As with the earlier construction of new paths along Cobham Drive, keeping kororā (little blue penguins) safe where work happens is an important aspect of this project.

The Council is working with Greater Wellington Regional Council, Department of Conservation, Places for Penguins and a Wellington-based penguin detection dog and handler from the Kaikoura Ocean Research Institute so we know where penguins are or have been nesting before work starts. Penguin and lizard habitat will be monitored throughout construction.

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  • The work on the seaward side will mainly involve installing new kerb and drainage channels, laying new asphalt and concrete paths, changing road markings, and installing a new balustrade.
  • We will also strengthen and build sections of seawall up to footpath level at Little Karaka Bay and Balaena Bay.
  • Work hours are 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.
  • The 24/7 lane closure through the work zone at Balaena Bay will be in place until the end of June. Stop/go traffic management at Little Karaka Bay will continue during work hours for a similar period. The road may need to be closed overnight if required.
  • Workers will manage the traffic with stop/go signs.
  • A 30km/h speed limit will be in place in and around the work zone.
  • At all other times, including weekends, the road will be two-way but the 30km/h speed limit will apply.
  • The work zone and 30km/h zone will gradually move closer to the city.
  • People will be able to walk, scoot and bike through this area at all times, but will need to take extra care and follow the temporary diversions in place.
  • At times, people on bikes may have to get off and walk through the temporary pedestrian detour on the seaward side or share the road with other traffic. Kerb ramps will be installed.
  • It will take longer to travel through this area particularly 9am to 4pm, so take another route if you can or allow extra time.
  • Large vehicles and goods trucks that can’t use the Mt Victoria Tunnel will still be able to use the route.
  • As with all construction, there will be machinery operating at times but in general, the work shouldn’t be too noisy.
  • Some parking and bus stops will be temporarily affected in some locations while work happens.
  • There may be times when other areas need to be coned off temporarily for safety reasons while work is completed.

Concept plans for Carlton Gore Road to Greta Point

Weka Bay, looking south towards the airport

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Carlton Gore Road intersection

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balaena bay

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weka bay

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Kio bay

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Greta Point

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