The options we considered

Our transport planners developed a long list of possible options for how we could improve the busy route from Karori to Botanic Garden ki Paekākā, looking at things from a range of perspectives, thinking about all the possibilities and what could be achieved in line with best practice and national guidelines.

Plans have been reviewed by internal and external stakeholders, including Waka Kotahi, Greater Wellington Regional Council, and cycling, walking, and accessibility representatives.

As well as safety and comfort for people walking, riding, or taking the bus, we also considered street and vehicle widths, intersections, impacts of lower speeds, loading and servicing for businesses, and the effects on parking availability.

We considered 57 options for the main route from the Botanic Gardens to Karori, which we narrowed down to 38 shortlist options. The decision-making for each of these options can be seen in the multi-criteria analysis.

Some of the options that were assessed but not progressed:

Glenmore Street 

  • Separated uphill bike lane and a shared downhill bus/bike lane on Glenmore Street, with parking removed on both sides wasn’t progressed​ because of the impact on parking and the road isn’t wide enough in places.
  • Separated bike lanes in both directions, with parking removed​ on both sides wasn’t progressed​ because of the impact on parking.
  • Shared paths on existing footpaths wasn’t progressed because of the conflict between pedestrians and cyclists, as well as significant speed differences on a hill.
  • Shared uphill path through Botanic Garden ki Paekākā wasn’t progressed because of the high numbers of pedestrians in the Botanic Garden ki Paekākā.
  • The proposed option was chosen because it achieves a balance between bike, bus, pedestrian and parking on a hilly road with high traffic volumes.

Chaytor Street  

  • Past Appelton Park, a separated cycle lane + shared bus/bike lane with parking removed wasn’t progressed as it is less safe for people on bikes, and also removes more parking.
  • The proposed option through Appelton Park was chosen because it allows for a bus ‘timing stop’ at Appelton Park, and is a safer and more pleasant option for pedestrians and people on bikes.
  • Up Chaytor Street, the preferred option was chosen because it improves overall bus times, and provides better protection for cyclists traveling up hill.

Karori Road 

  • Separated bike lanes uphill, painted bike lanes downhill was not progressed because of the impact on parking availability including school pick up/drop off zones.
  • Separated cycle lanes in each direction, with painted median removed wasn’t progressed as it would result in an inconsistent experience along the route for people on bikes and in vehicles, and remove all car parking.
  • A two-way bike lane near Karori Park wasn’t progressed as it doesn’t connect with preferred options elsewhere along the route, and it also would present safety concerns due to the high number of driveways
  • The preferred option was chosen because it provides connectivity between the sections of the route, allows separation for bikes and vehicles in the uphill directions, and provides a balance between providing protection for people on bikes and parking.