Information on this page was correct at the time of consultation, and some of it will now be out of date.  See this page for up to date information

Parking changes

Making it safer and easier for people to get around in climate-friendly ways requires changes to how we use space on our streets. The parking impacts of these proposed changes have been considered and managed through the project’s Parking Management Plan. The impacts of these changes will vary across the route. 

Glenmore Street  

On Glenmore Street, the proposed parking changes include:

  • remove 241 coupon parks - about two thirds on the uphill (south-east) side and one third on the downhill (north-west) side. 
  • remove three unrestricted parks
  • add seven residents parks.

There will be no change to the current mobility parking, coach parking, or time limited parking spaces near the Kelburn viaduct.

These changes mean there will be a reduction in short stay parking on Glenmore Street which may require visitors to the Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to find off-street parking elsewhere, use one of five nearby paid car parking areas, or use public or active transport to get to the gardens.

Approximately 65% of properties on this street have off street parking.

Chaytor Street 

On Chaytor Street, the proposed parking changes include:

  • remove 26 unrestricted car parks  
  • convert four unrestricted parks to time restricted parks  
  • convert one unrestricted space to a mobility car park.

Approximately 90 percent of properties on Chaytor Street have off-street parking.

 Karori Road  

On Karori Road, the proposal is to remove 198 out of 279 unrestricted car parks.

The proposal would:

  • remove 198 unrestricted car parks
  • remove eight time restricted parking spaces:
    • two P10 car parks outside Marsden School
    • one P10 car parks from near the Subway
    • one P30 near the Four Square, to make room for bus stop
    • four P30 carparks outside Karori Mall to make room for a longer bus stop

Other parking types will be converted, including:

  • 15 unrestricted car parks changed to P10 drop off/pickup car parks near Marsden School on Karori Road
  • one carpark changed to six bike parks on Hatton Street
  • convert two angle parks on Parkvale Road to two taxi stands, which are currently in front of Karori Mall.

On this road, approximately 90 percent of properties have off street parking.

The effect on businesses on Karori Road will be minimal as they will be easier to access on foot, by bus, or by bike, and there are few parking changes in front of businesses proposed.

At Karori Park, the effect for visitors will be a reduction in unrestricted parking on Karori Road. However, only 10 percent of car parks within 150m of Karori Park entrances will be affected.  The changes may require people who need to drive to park in side streets and walk further.