Oriental Bay shared path

We’re going to make some changes to make walking and biking on part of the Oriental Parade shared path, between Herd Street and Freyberg Pool, better for everyone.

Oriental Parade

Oriental Bay is one of Wellington’s top destinations and, as the city grows, the area will only get busier. The section of shared path between Herd Street and the pool is too narrow to comfortably accommodate the increasing numbers of people walking, biking, running and sightseeing, especially during summer and weekends.

In November, we asked the wider community for their views on two possible design options agreed on by the Oriental Bay community working group for improving this section of path. The feedback received helped us to decide which was the community's preferred option and how the design needed to be modified.

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How we got here

The community working group had previously looked for the best ways of improving the narrowest section of shared path around Oriental Bay to provide more space and make walking and biking easier and safer.

The group considered existing safety issues, parking, the needs of residents, businesses and people who use the area, trees, heritage and urban landscape features, traffic lane widths and central median strip, safer speeds, larger vehicles that have to use this route, and pedestrian crossings.

We also want to encourage more people of all ages and abilities to ride bikes. Oriental Bay is part of the biking connection between the eastern suburbs and the city. It will link to the proposed two-way bike path around Evans Bay, the new bike path being constructed on the harbour-side of Cobham Drive, and the two-way bike path on Miramar Avenue through the cutting that will be built in 2018.

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