This project has developed further since this page was created. We kept this page to make sure we are being transparent about our process and to show how the project has developed. See the most recent info about this project

People in your community have been working with us on ways to make it easier and safer to walk and bike around Miramar, between the eastern suburbs and into the central city.

We expect these and other projects for a cycle network to be progressed as future funding allows, including through the Long-term Plan 2021-2031

Miramar Connections network

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Following open days and community feedback about routes in 2016, we’ve worked closely with three eastern suburbs community working groups.

The working groups spent many hours poring over plans, asking questions, looking at things from a range of different perspectives, debating the pros and cons, grappling with challenges and trade-offs, thinking about all the possibilities, and whittling down the alternatives. They talked about parking, resident and business needs, trees, heritage features, lane widths, safer speeds, driveways, existing safety issues, pedestrian crossings, intersections and bus stops. They looked at over 100 options and identified 38 viable options that could be developed (5-10 options per street). These were further whittled down to a short list. 

In September 2017, Wellingtonians had the opportunity to comment on 15 short-listed options (2-3 options per street) for streets in Miramar. Options for streets in Kilbirnie, including the connection to Newtown, and the Evans Bay route around the harbour were also part of this engagement.

More than 400 people attended open days at ASB Sports Centre, and 582 people made online or written submissions.The Council analysed the feedback to help determine which design for the various streets to progress, and then sought final feedback on revised proposals in late 2018. This  included more open days at the ASB Sports Centre.