We’re reshaping our city as a creative capital where people and nature thrive.


What we're doing

We're changing our streets to give people safer, easier, climate-friendly ways to get around our compact city. 


Why our streets need to change

Wellington's streets are grinding to a halt as our population and car use continue to grow. 

We can free up our streets by providing safer and easier option to walk, bike, or bus so that more of us can get places without relying on cars. Better transport options will reduce pressure on our streets and keep our city moving. 

Wellingtonians have made it clear they want action on climate change and transport. We’ve developed Paneke Pōneke to deliver a connected citywide bike network, along with improvements for pedestrians and people taking the bus, so more people can get around in climate friendly ways. 


How we're doing it

We're working in partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to put the right transport system in place for Wellington, so we can all get where we're going without relying on cars. 

Making it safe and easy to walk, bike, and use public transport for everyday trips is key to rapidly cutting emissions in Wellington.

Learn more about Council's strategic direction for freeing up our streets.