We're installing an uphill bike lane in two stages, alongside other improvements to make it easier for people to walk, use car share, and buses. 

The first stage addresses safety concerns and provides better transport options for people that can help reduce the number of cars in the area over time, before further changes are made.  

Stage one - from April 2023

  • Build 110 metres of cycle path heading uphill on Raroa Road around War Memorial Park, followed by a widened shoulder to Mount Pleasant Road
  • Install uphill bike lanes and wide shoulders on Raroa Road as well as sections of uphill separated bike lane on upper Aro Street
  • On Raroa Crescent, extend the footpath uphill to the Northland Tunnel Road and make it a shared path, and install a widened shoulder between Northland Tunnel Road and Moana Road with broken yellow lines
  • Extend the 30km/h zone from 148 Aro Street down to Willis Street
  • Raise the pedestrian crossing on Aro Street by Aro Park
  • Install four speed humps along Aro Street
  • Safety improvements through Aro Park and along Little Palmer Lane, including signage and pedestrian prioritisation measures on new shared path.

Car parking changes in stage one

  • Add two new car share parking spaces on Epuni Street
  • Add one new mobility car park on Epuni Street
  • Mark car park spaces on Aro Street to improve parking efficiency
  • Install 100m of the uphill separated bike lane from 171-197 Aro Street 
  • Remove three coupon car parks on Aro Street
  • Introduce 33 residents-and-P120 parks on Holloway Road

Stage two - from November 2023

  • Install the uphill cycleway on Aro Street, from Willis Street to the shops at Alameda Terrace, and from Epuni Street to Holloway Road
  • Introduce new resident parking on Raroa Road (as part of Kelburn Resident Parking zone)
  • Install broken yellow lines on both sides of Raroa Road except for bus stops and the resident parks.

Car parking changes in stage two

  • Remove 52 coupon car parks and 18 resident car parks on the south side of Aro Street
  • Change 20 coupon car parks to residents parking on Ohiro Road at the Aro Street end
  • Remove 136 unrestricted parks on Raroa Road
  • Change 40 unrestricted parks to resident parks, including:
    • Four P120 resident parks at 162-164 Raroa Road
    • Three P120 resident parks at 127-129 Raroa Road
    • Six P120 resident parks opposite 92-94 Raroa Road
    • 12 P120 resident parks between 97-113 Raroa Road
    • Four P120 resident parks at 29 Raroa Road
    • Six P120 Resident parks opposite 30-32 Raroa Road
    • Five P120 resident parks opposite 12 Raroa Road.