He tāone e hāngai ana ki te anamata
A city fit for the future

We're rebalancing our existing street space to make it safer and easier for more people to walk, ride, scooter, or use public transport.  

The Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to city route is part of the western connection from Karori, and the changes we’ve installed make it safer for many more people to bike/scoot between Tinakori Road and the waterfront. A new bus lane also means quicker journeys for people taking the bus. 

In the future, this route will connect through to other projects as part of Wellington’s bike network plan.

Experience the changes, then tell us what you think

Arrows show the steps of the process. 1. Discovery: Understanding local context and design. 2. Have your say on proposed design. A dashed line breaks the process diagram to show when there is a Council decision to install. Process then continues to 3. Installation: Information provided on timing. 4. Follow up: Experience the changes and give feedback. 5 Adapt and adjust the changes. Text saying 'we are here' is under the final step of adapt and adjust the changes.

This route is now up and running. We collected community feedback between 14 March and 8 May 2023. Our team are reviewing this feedback to understand how we can refine the designs to continue improving the experience for people using the route.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving are looking to make more permanent improvements along these streets as part of their plans for the central city in the coming years. The feedback we’ve collected to date will also be shared with them to help inform possible changes in the future.

As well as reviewing the qualitative feedback, we're also monitoring travel times for buses and vehicles so we can compare the data with people's perceptions of the changes.

To get a good sense of the impacts of the changes, including how many people are biking before and after, we'll be monitoring data over a longer period of time while people to continue to adjust.