KPI 12x

More low carbon transport trips

Key performance indicators

More people riding bikes and taking the bus, more sustainable trips taken

Ways we'll track the changes

Bike, scooter and pedestrian counts, public surveys, on-street monitoring, Snapper pass data, vehicle counts and speed measurements

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KPI 22x

Diversity and participation

Key performance indicators

Greater diversity of people riding bikes - more women and girls, kids, older people and families; more positive perceptions of street changes like these; greater level of trust in how we're going about it; more people willing to participate; an increase in total mobility trips

Ways we'll track the changes

Public surveys, on-street monitoring, total mobility data

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KPI 42x

Improved safety (actual and perceived)

Key performance indicators

Reduction in reported crashes, improved perceptions of safety, lower vehicle speeds, improved universal accessibility, fewer cars on the road

Ways we'll track the changes

Crash analysis system data, data from the Council's contact centre, public surveys, on-street monitoring, GPS vehicle tracking, vehicle counts and speed measurements, accessibility audits, total mobility data

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KPI 32x

Project timeframes

Key performance indicators

Kilometres of infrastructure installed per year, number of days between the project start date, approval and being open for use, project management timeframes

Ways we'll track the changes

Programme tracking

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Tell us what you think

We’re looking to get your feedback on how the proposed designs could be improved, and what aspects we should pay close attention to after it has been installed.  

Your feedback will go to councillors in mid-September with the final traffic resolution, and if the project is approved, work to install the route using adaptable materials will begin in October.  

Once the route is installed, we’ll work hard to collect feedback and data on how it is going and improve things such as signs, street markings, and the position of dividers between the bike lanes and traffic. 

You can have your say until 5pm 31 August 2022.

Have your say

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