Improving Berhampore shopping area

We've worked with the community to improve access and make the area at the Adelaide Road and Luxford Street corner more pleasant and inviting. 

The initial plans had included some small areas of planting at the corner of Luxford and Rintoul streets, but these will now not go ahead due to the space required to make this section of street safer for pedestrians, bikes and buses.  

Funding for small improvements to the Berhampore shopping area was allocated as part of Councillor decisions on the Long-term Plan for 2021-2031 to upgrade the public areas on Luxford Street and Adelaide Road. 

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Some of the things we looked at to improve include:

  • making it safer and easier for people to move around
  • footpath surfaces
  • planted areas 
  • seats
  • street art 
  • signs
  • street lighting.

Take a look at the concepts we developed in collaboration with the community.



The improvements in the Adelaide Road/Luxford Street area are now complete. The initial planning for this work had included some small areas of planting at the Luxford/Rintoul corner but these will now not go ahead due to the space required to make this section of street safer for pedestrians, and people riding bikes or taking the bus.  

Funding for small interim improvements was set aside in the Long-term Plan 2021-2031. Initial planning and design started in 2019, when we held two public drop-in sessions, and a working group met several times before the project was put on hold until funding was confirmed. 

A new working group was set up in 2022 to confirm the objectives for how the area can be improved and to contribute to the designs with our urban design team.

Two workshops were held in late 2022. We also had feedback from an online survey about the planned bus and bike improvements, and how people use the Berhampore area. The feedback we received from the public and the ideas from the working group were considered as part of the planning and design.

In November 2022, to restart the conversation and gather community feedback, we asked people to let us know how they use the Berhampore shopping area as part of a wider online survey about the Berhampore to Newtown bus and bike route. We heard from 838 people and organisations.

We also held two workshops with representatives from the residents association, local businesses and people from the wider community to help come up with draft designs that fit with the objectives from earlier workshops in 2019.

First workshop November 2022

The working group confirmed these objectives for the project:

  • provide safer facilities for people walking in and around the area
  • create opportunities to improve safe access, seating, and shelter at bus stops
  • find ways to preserve and enhance the distinctive character of the area
  • prioritise people walking and opportunities for social interaction
  • collaborate with the community on a look and feel for the area
  • allow for future housing intensification in the designs
  • design a place where people of all ages are encouraged to spend time
  • provide more spaces for community activities.

The group agreed on an approach that would fit with the installation of the transitional bike route and set things up for permanent changes in the future, improve the identity of Berhampore through the design of small street changes, and improve safety and accessibility. 

Second workshop December 2022

From this approach our urban design team presented a preliminary concept for how improvements can be made. This includes ways to:

  • slow traffic and improve pedestrian safety with accessible crossings
  • create a more inviting central area where people can shop and spend time
  • encourage businesses to use space outside their shops
  • make footpaths safer and more accessible
  • provide temporary community event spaces 
  • add more planted areas and increase the variety of plants
  • increase local identity with more street art. 

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To start the conversation and gather feedback from the community, a drop-in session was held at Berhampore Community Centre on 23 March 2019. This was followed up with a second drop-in session held on Saturday 18 May 2019 at Berhampore Primary School. See a summary of all the feedback so far.

Or see the feedback from the individual drop in sessions.

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