What to expect during construction

The development of the two-way bike path, separated footpath and shared path, new crossings and other changes to improve safety on Miramar Avenue between Shelly Bay Road and the Tauhinu Road roundabout will take about five months.

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  • Contractors will set up their work site near Miramar wharf, on the corner area between the wharf and Shelly Bay Road.
  • They will start at the Shelly Bay Road end to install the first of the new raised dual crossings and traffic islands. 
  • The trial closure of the right-turn lane into Z Energy from Miramar Avenue, near the Tauhinu Road roundabout, will also happen at the start of the project.
  • Apart from minor improvements, the corner area between the Cobham Drive paths and Shelly Bay Road will remain as is for now because this land is privately owned.
  • The work will then move progressively east towards the shopping area.
  • A low timber retaining wall will be built along the base of the bank through the cutting on the Maupuia side as far as the bus stop on Maupuia Road, before starting construction of the walking and biking paths.
  • Raised dual crossings will be installed at the Maupuia Road and Tauhinu Road intersections, and the shared path construction will continue to just past the Z Energy service station.
  • New traffic islands, kerbs, pedestrian crossing places and bike ramps will be installed at the roundabout. 
  • One small pohutukawa tree near the Tauhinu Road roundabout will be removed and other vegetation cut back where needed.
  • Work hours will generally be 9am to 4pm on weekdays.
  • To minimise disruption, night road closures of the Shelly Bay Road, Maupuia Road and Tauhinu Road intersections are being planned to put in the new raised crossings. Detours will be in place when this work happens.
  • The night-time closure at Shelly Bay Road is likely to happen on 26 May, on Maupuia Road it's likely to be 18 June, and Tauhinu Road it's likely to be 9 July. We will let people know ahead of these dates when they are confirmed.
  • Traffic management will be in place but the road is wide here so there will be space for traffic to travel both ways. 
  • Most of the time the speed limit is expected to remain at 50km/h, but this is an area where traffic should be slowing down anyway as drivers approach the 30km/h zone through the shopping centre.
  • A temporary 30km/h speed limit will be in place around the work zone when required.
  • Detours will be provided for pedestrians around the work sites. People riding will need to get off and walk their bikes through the detours, or share the road with traffic. Please keep bike speeds down, and take extra care.
  • Bus stops in the work zone will be temporarily relocated at times, but will have temporary signs and will be close to their usual locations.
  • Large vehicles and goods trucks will still be able to use this route and get to businesses in the area.
  • Diggers, trucks and other machinery will be operating at times so expect some noise.