This project has developed further since this page was created. We kept this page to make sure we are being transparent about our process and to show how the project has developed. See the most recent info about this project

We're making improvements for people on foot and on bikes

The final layout is designed to fairly balance the diverse needs of the thousands of people who have an interest in this popular and very important part of the city.

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What to expect during construction

Construction fences will go up next to the eastbound traffic lane and along the seaward side of the trees.

Most of the parking between Herd Street and Freyberg Pool will be out of action while the work happens. Arrangements will be made for delivery vehicles. 

People on bikes and on foot will be able to use the shared path on the seaward side as usual and get to all businesses and facilities. Please keep bike speeds down, and take extra care.

Traffic management, and a 30km/h speed limit will be place. The median strip will be out of action at times.

Work hours will generally be Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm. Some Saturday work is possible. 

Diggers, trucks and machinery will be operating at times so expect some noise.

Contractors will be:
  • Digging out old kerbs and gutters and pouring new ones
  • Breaking and removing old asphalt and concrete
  • Laying the new concrete footpath adjacent to the parking spaces and new asphalt bike path
  • Resealing and remarking the road. 

What’s changing?
  • The shared path on the seaward side of the trees will become a footpath.
  • There will be a two-way 2.5m-wide bike path between the parking and pohutukawa trees, and a footpath between the parking and bike path to provide a safe space for people getting in and out of cars.
  • The bus stop near Herd Street is being permanently removed on the advice of Greater Wellington Regional Council (there are outbound bus stops nearby at Waitangi Park and Freyberg Pool).
  • The pedestrian crossing near the yacht club will be redesigned to go straight across the road, with a central island, no barriers and a kerb extension on the seaward side. The crossing markings will extend across the bike path at this point so pedestrians have priority.
  • Changes will be made near  Freyberg Pool and Herd Street so it is clear how people get on and off the new bike path and back on to the shared path at each end. This will include a low barrier adjacent to the cafe seating.
  • All existing trees will be retained but some will be professionally pruned.
  • People using croc bikes will be encouraged to use the new bike path. Children on trikes, scooters and small bikes, and people with mobility scooters, are among those legally able to use any footpath, so will still be able to use the path on the seaward side.


Driving and parking changes
  • Once construction is complete, the amount of parking will increase from 61 spaces to 63 spaces. 57 will be angle car parks, with 6 new parallel car parks replacing the bus stop near Herd Street.
  • Traffic lanes will be narrower (from 4-4.2m to 3.3m) so the angle parking can be retained. This should also encourage safer speeds through this busy area.
  • The median strip will be retained, but slightly narrower (2m in most places).
  • There will be new motorbike parking near Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.
  • The 3 existing mobility parks at Freyberg Pool will be retained.
  • Parking time limits will remain the same.

Oriental Bay plan

Oriental Bay towards Freyberg Pool

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