Consultation for the Newtown and Berhampore parking scheme is now closed. Councillors will make decisions at a meeting of Koata Hātepe, the Regulatory Processes Committee, on 4 April 2024.

The information on these pages was correct at the time of consultation. 

Parking scheme options considered

Fourteen options were considered and assessed through two multi-criteria analysis assessments.

The options that best met the desired outcomes were the following three. 

Option 2 – P120 with authorised residents vehicles exempt

The scheme design is aligned with the 2020 Parking Policy. Almost all spaces outside the shopping centres are P120 with permitted residents vehicles able to park longer. The P120 parking is free and residents parking require a permit. Almost no commuter parking is available. A limit on permits is set at 85% of spaces available for residents.

Option 13 – resident/coupon extension ($20/day) with a limit (cap)

Unrestricted parking is converted to a mix of resident and coupon parking similar to the existing scheme in inner suburbs. Coupon spaces are charged per hour instead of per day, including the first two hours.  Resident permits are capped at the current number of residents parking on-street.

Option 14 – coupon ($20/day) with authorised residents vehicles exempt with a limit (cap)

All unrestricted spaces are converted to coupon parking, with residents vehicles with permits exempt. Resident permits are capped at the current number of residents parking on-street. 

A variation became the preferred option  

Based on the first round of analysis, option 13 was the preferred option.

However due to the need for transitional transport improvements increasing and concern that the cost of coupon parking could negatively impact hospital staff, there was further consideration and a second round of analysis.

A revised preferred option (option 2B) was proposed and agreed on for consultation. This is a variation on option 2.

Option 2B - preferred option 

This is a variation on option 2. It includes having on-street parking with no restrictions on 30% of the on-street parking in the Newtown west zone, 40% percent in the Newtown east zone and 69% in the Berhampore zone. Parking up to two hours in the P120 spaces is free but residents wanting to park for longer will need a paid permit.

Following the first round of consultation on the draft parking management plan in 2023, some changes were made including changing all the proposed P120s to P180s.  

More  detailed information about options, considerations and analysis is available in the business case