Redesign of road layout, footpaths and bike paths

The Parade in Island Bay provides an important transport connection with Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook through to the central city. The biking route will also link to local destinations within these neighbourhoods.

Councillors agreed on a redesign for the layout of The Parade, including bike paths, at a meeting of the City Strategy Committee on 27 September 2017.

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A consistent concept design for the layout of the road, footpaths and bike paths is planned for The Parade, from just north of Reef Street to just south of Dee Street, with some variation through the main shopping area.

If you have information or suggestions that could help the designers during the detailed design phase for The Parade, email 

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Work on the Parade before Christmas

Some work on The Parade will happen before Christmas 2018:

  • Repainting the centre line and right-turning bays from Dee to Reef streets
  • Removing redundant road markings from intersections and other asphalted areas
  • Any necessary road repairs between Dee and Tamar streets so this block can be resealed in early 2019.

The remarking work will happen after Labour weekend over a couple of nights. Contractors will then use a water blaster to remove the redundant markings. This will take a couple of weeks, with work happening during the day and in the evening.

The repairs between Dee and Tamar streets will happen during the day. The road may be down to one lane at times, but will operate as usual at peak times.


Funding opportunity which may affect timing of redesign work

Councillors will discuss a co-funding opportunity at a meeting on 18 October, which if approved, will affect the timing of other agreed work on The Parade. 

There is an opportunity to secure up to $24 million in government funding for walking and cycling improvements in the city's southern suburbs by planning integrated, high quality improvements from the south coast to the city. This includes the agreed improvements to The Parade, and the plans in development for the wider Newtown area.  With the $8 million in ratepayer funding already approved, this would enable us to do a lot more in more places, without any additional ratepayer funding.

If Councillors decide on this approach, we will work closely with NZ Transport Agency and community next year to develop a plan for improvements that meet the funding criteria.

With this approach, construction on The Parade would not happen until the NZ Transport Agency has considered a plan for the whole route and confirmed what level of funding it will provide.  The Agency is likely to make these decisions in mid-2019 once consultation in Newtown, Berhampore and Mt Cook is complete, proposed route and street changes in those areas are clear, and there is a plan for a connected southern network (including the agreed plan for The Parade).

News release - Funding prospect for walking and cycling in the southern suburbs - 11 October 2018