Parking in Newtown and Berhampore is changing

Parking in the wider Newtown area has been under pressure for years and there have been community calls for action to address this.

To manage on-street parking in the area more fairly, we’re proposing Newtown and Berhampore will be the first suburbs in the city to have a new-style parking scheme.

The scheme – developed in line with the city’s Parking Policy – will prioritise residents and visitors looking for short-stay parking across both suburbs. It will replace the existing residents’ parking zones in these areas.

The changes will:

  • prioritise residents and help ease parking pressures
  • provide more short-stay parking for tradespeople and visitors
  • more fairly manage the demand and allocation of parking permits.
Other parts of the city will get schemes like this too

The new-style scheme will be gradually rolled out in other parts of the city over coming years where demand for on-street parking is high. It is expected it will eventually completely replace the existing resident parking scheme introduced more than 30 years ago.

The new scheme is based on similar schemes that work well in other cities.  We're seeking feedback now so we can make adjustments. We’ll also see how it’s working once it’s in use in Newtown and Berhampore.  Changes are possible in the future to improve the operation of this and future schemes.

Next steps

We will incorporate feedback on the proposed parking scheme and advertise the scheme as a traffic change (resolution) before Councillors make decisions in December.

Koata Hātepe, the Council's Regulatory Processes Committee will consider whether to approve the parking scheme on 13 December. It's possible the Committee may seek the endorsement of the full Council at a Council meeting the following day.

What could this mean for you?

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In most residential streets in Newtown and Berhampore, most of the on-street parking spaces will be a mix of two-hour parking (P120 resident permit exempt, 8am–8pm, Monday–Sunday) and parking with no restrictions where anyone can park at any time (unrestricted).

There will be a few streets where almost all the parking will be two-hour, and a few, where for now, all the on-street parking will remain unrestricted.

It’s proposed about 70 percent of the parking in Newtown west will become P120 (resident permit exempt), 60 percent in Newtown east and about 30 percent in Berhampore.

New resident permits

Households that apply, and are granted and pay for an annual permit, will be able to park in the P120 (resident permit exempt) and exceed the two-hour limit. This includes households living in Council-owned flats.

Households that don’t apply for a permit – or aren’t granted a permit – will need to find an unrestricted space if they want to park during the day or early evening for longer than two hours.  The two-hour limit won’t apply overnight, after 8pm and before 8am.

The existing resident parking zones will be removed.

Existing special parking spaces like mobility parks, car share and EV charging spaces will in most cases remain where they are.

Eligibility criteria for the new resident permits will apply and the number of permits issued will be capped. This is so permits can be fairly allocated to residents who need them most.

All permits will be issued electronically and for specific vehicle licence plates. There will be no windscreen stickers or paper permits. 

Visitor day passes

Households will also be able to apply for and access day passes for visitors who need to park during the day for longer than two hours.

Households with no off-street parking will be eligible for 50 free day passes a year for visitors.

Households with off-street parking will be eligible for 25 free passes a year.

Households can choose to activate a day pass if they have a tradesperson working at their place who needs to stay longer than two hours. Alternatively tradespeople can buy a trade parking coupon.

Check the map above to see what is proposed for your street and others you are interested in. 

Find out more about permits and how the scheme will work. 

There will be free two-hour parking spaces (P120 resident permit exempt) in almost every residential street.

If you normally visit and park for longer than two hours, you will need to find an unrestricted parking space. There will be fewer of these than in the past.

Alternatively, if you are visiting someone who lives in this area, they may choose to organise a visitor day pass for your vehicle so it can be parked for up to 12 hours in one of the P120 (resident permit exempt) space.  

You will be able to park in unrestricted parking spaces for as long as you want, and for up to two hours in the P120 (resident permit exempt) spaces, Monday to Sunday, 8am-8pm.

About 30 percent of the parking in Newtown west will have no restrictions, 40 percent in Newtown east and about 70 percent in Berhampore.

Overnight, 8pm to 8am, you will be able to park in both P120 (resident permit exempt) and unrestricted parking spaces.

There is no paid coupon parking in these areas now, and at this stage, no plans to install any. There will be no charges for the two-hour or unrestricted parking.

It’s planned the scheme will start in Berhampore and Newtown west in the first half of 2024.

It’s likely to start in the Newtown east zone (hospital side) later in 2024. By then there will be a safe bike link all the way from Island Bay to the city, which along with walking and bus improvements, will make travelling in climate-friendly ways safer, easier, and possible for more people.

The staged introduction will allow commuters who currently rely on on-street parking more time to adjust to the planned changes. 

Check the map above to see the planned changes to parking.

This means that for many business owners and operators, there will be few or no changes to parking close to you.

Your customers should find it easier to find a free park in these neighbourhoods because there will be lots of P120 (resident permit exempt) parks in residential streets nearby.

If your business is in a commercially-zoned area that is not included in the parking scheme area, you don't have your own parking, and you or your staff normally park all day on the street in Newtown, it may be harder to find a park as the new scheme prioritises residents and short-stay visitors. You and your staff will not be eligible to apply for a resident permit.   

If you operate a business from home or building that is located in one of the new parking scheme zones (in a residentially-zoned street), you will be eligible to apply for permits for up to two vehicles associated with the business. You will not be eligible for any visitor day passes.

Check the map above to find out how parking near you is changing.

Businesses on the Newtown to Island Bay bus and bike route

Parking changes are planned on this route so the connection between Island Bay and Newtown can be made safer and easier for people walking, biking and taking the bus. This includes some changes to parking in areas that are commercially-zoned.

Check the map above to find out how parking on this route is changing and how parking in nearby residential streets will be managed. 

Read more detail 
Rintoul Street and Riddiford Street
Luxford Street
Adelaide Road and northern end of The Parade


That means parking and the way it is managed in your immediate area (with a few exceptions) won't be changing as part of the implementation of the scheme.

However, if you normally park on the street, the  suburb-wide changes to parking proposed could still affect you.

It may be more difficult for you to find an unrestricted parking space in nearby streets.   It's proposed people who live in the commercially-zoned areas and have easy access to public transport, won’t be eligible to apply for a resident parking permit or visitor day passes.

The boundaries of the scheme areas have been drawn in a way which excludes the main commercial areas, but we know people live above shops, in apartments and older houses in these areas and may have views on the proposed scheme, so please do provide feedback.  

If you live  in the section of Riddiford Street between Mein and Rintoul streets, in lower Rintoul Street, or Luxford Street,  some street parking near you may be changing so the connection between Island Bay and Newtown can be made safer and easier for people walking, biking and taking the bus. 

If you live in lower Constable Street, it is proposed the existing resident parking will go.

Check the map above to see if your place is inside or outside the parking scheme area and how parking in streets near you will change.