Tahitai and the eastern connection

This section of the coastal walking and biking route along Evans Bay Parade goes from Greta Point to Cobham Drive. The new paths here will continue on from the two-way bike path and separate walking path already completed closer to the city.

Mana whenua Taranaki Whānui ki te Upoko o te Ika have gifted the name Te Haerenga Roa o Te Aro (long promenade or journey) for this section to acknowledge the journeys of the peoples of Te Aro from their arrival in Aotearoa, their journey to Taranaki, and then from Taranaki to Wellington to this point.

The proposed new walking and biking paths will complete Tahitai, the whole coastal connection between Miramar and the central city, and improve the connection with Kilbirnie shops.

This route will also form part of Te Aranui o Pōneke/the Great Harbour Way.

The proposed design - consultation now closed

Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback.

We’ve talked with a wide range of people, businesses, groups and organisations in the past year to try to find the best way to balance different needs and aspirations on this stretch of the coastal route.

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Meet the team 

Online sessions via Zoom 

The online sessions were held on September 21 and 29. This video is a recording of the 21 September session. 


Here are the questions, answers and comments from the first session. 

And the questions and answers from the second webinar.


Building the city we need

Transforming this route is part of:

It’s also a step towards better walking, biking and public transport networks.

Transport is Aotearoa’s fastest growing source of carbon emissions and a whopping 35% of Wellington City’s carbon footprint – so changing the way we move is by far the most effective way we can take action.

How we got here

The draft designs we are now seeking feedback on started with public open days and a community working group back in 2017. The working group looked at a long list of options and decided on two to go out for wider public feedback.

During consultation, 73% of respondents favoured a walking path and two-way bike path on the seaward side. Councillors agreed to the concept in 2018. 

The project was split into two parts:

  • stage 1 Carlton Gore Road to just north of Greta Point - some parts are complete and others are under construction 
  • stage 2 Greta Point to Cobham Drive - people can now provide feedback on the draft designs.

For more detail on how we got here, read the design report.