Changes to car parking

We are making significant parking changes along this busy commuter route to encourage more people to go by bike or bus and help reduce carbon emissions.

Parking is retained outside the Urgent Pharmacy on Adelaide Road. There will be more short-term time-restricted parking on several side streets off Adelaide Road and on Hall Street and Mein Street off Riddiford Street to provide some alternative options. Mobility parking is unaffected.

A survey of parking demand on the side streets was done for this project however the recommended approach for how this could be managed relies on longer-term changes being made to parking regulations under the Council’s Parking Policy. A plan is being developed for how parking in the wider Newtown area is managed in the future.

Riddiford Street (outside Newtown School)
  • Removing six P120 parking spaces immediately outside Newtown School
Riddiford Street (Mein Street to John Street)
  • All parking removed on both sides (37 P60 spaces, three P10 spaces, one loading zone/P10 space, six P15/P30 spaces)
  • Riddiford Street loading zone (near John Street intersection) relocated to inside the hospital driveway entrance, 50m on the left
  • In addition, a 7pm-7am loading zone retained on Riddiford Street in the existing loading zone location 
  • Taxi stand on the street outside the hospital removed – there is a taxi stand within the hospital drop-off zone

Hall Street
  • Two P5 parking spaces changed to P10
  • Three unrestricted spaces changed to P30
  • 11 unrestricted spaces changed to P120
  • Six P60 spaces changed to P120
  • 5 pick up and drop off spaces changed to P10
Adelaide Road (Hospital Road to Basin Reserve)
  • All parking removed on both sides except for eight P60 spaces outside the Urgent Pharmacy (50 coupon parking spaces, 13 P60 spaces, three P30 spaces, two loading zones/P30 spaces)
Douglas Street
  • Two coupon parking spaces changed to P120
Drummond Street
  • Two coupon parking spaces changed to car share parking
  • Two coupon parking spaces changed to P10
Broomhedge Street
  • Two unrestricted spaces changed to P120
Cambridge Terrace (Basin Reserve to Courtenay Place)
City side
  • Weekday commuter parking out of action between 7-9am and 4-6pm, Monday–Friday (bus lanes operating more of the time)
  • Four P60 spaces changed to metered parking between Barker Street and the Basin Reserve
  • Five P60 spaces changed to P10 loading zones between Barker Street and Fifeshire Avenue
  • Loading zone near Courtenay Place changed to bus layover parking between 7-9am and 3-7pm, Monday–Friday. Loading zone at all other times.
Central median side
  • All parking removed (44 metered parking spaces)
  • Taxi stand relocated to Courtenay Place slip lane (already installed) and Kent and Cambridge Terrace.
Kent Terrace (Courtenay Place to Basin Reserve)
Mt Victoria side
  • Weekday commuter parking out of action between 7-9am and 4-6pm, Monday–Friday (bus lanes operating more of the time)
  • Parking outside of these hours is unchanged
Central median side
  • Four additional metred parking spaces against closed turnarounds.
Lower Kent Terrace (Majoribanks Street to Oriental Parade)
Mt Victoria side
  • Eight metered parking spaces removed
  • Four residents only parking spaces in the slip lane outside 48 Oriental Parade relocated slightly to replace the metered parking spaces at the entrance to the slip lane, adding an additional residents parking space
  • Loading zone relocated to Roxburgh Street.
Roxburgh Street (Majoribanks end)
  • Relocation of loading zone to the opposite side of road, swapping the existing P60 spaces.

Where else you can park

For people who do need to drive, there is still lots of parking in the Newtown area. We are supporting people to get around in different ways and parking changes like these are part of preparing the city for the future.

In the side streets, coupon parking is still available and some of the time-restricted parking will change to short-stay parking. For people visiting Wellington Hospital, there is public parking within the hospital grounds. Wellington Hospital has made about 30 carparks available for public use ahead of the opening of Te Wao Nui (Children's Hospital), including for customers of the businesses on Riddiford Street adjacent to the John Street intersection.

On Adelaide Road:
  • Countdown's carpark
  • Parkmate parking – 28 Adelaide Road
Near Riddiford Street:
  • Wilson Parking – 7 Hall Street