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The route

The changes along these streets will make things safer and easier for everyone. 

Changes include:

  • New peak-hour bus lanes in both directions to improve bus travel times
  • A two-way cycle path on the sea-side of the route to avoid intersections and the bus interchange
  • Six signalised pedestrian/bike crossings, five of which are raised
  • Improved lighting and planting
  • Fewer parks along the route to make space for the bus lane, as well as changes to some parking time restrictions.

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Changes for pedestrians

Pedestrian safety and accessibility will be improved. 

Changes include:

  • 2m wide footpaths on both sides of the street
  • Six signalised pedestrian crossings:
    • New raised crossing at 87 Hutt Road
    • New raised crossing by Hirepool and the SH1 overbridge
    • Raising the existing pedestrian crossing by Bordeaux Bakery
    • Relocating and raising the existing crossing from the south side of Davis Street to the north side
    • Relocating and raising the existing pedestrian platform from Moore Street to further south by Pipitea Marae, opposite Capital Gateway
    • Upgrading the existing pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Mulgrave Street, Thorndon Quay, and the bus interchange at Lambton Quay
  • Upgrading the intersection at Tinakori Road/Hutt Road/Thorndon Quay with with traffic signals, including raised pedestrian crossing points between Thorndon Quay, Hutt Road, and Tinakori Road
  • Improved street environment with planting, seats and lights, as well as pavement markings near childcare centres.

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TQHR bus and bike

Changes for people on bikes

These changes will create a safer and more connected route for people riding bikes.

Changes include:

  • New two-way bike path - separated from the footpath - on the seaward side of Thorndon Quay, extending the existing two-way bike path on Hutt Road through to the central city. This will:
    • Allow space for people riding at different speeds
    • Avoid the bus interchange at Mulgrave Street and intersections on the other side of the street.
  • New bike crossings to be included at pedestrian crossings
  • New bike parking for all types of bikes - including cargo bikes. 

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TQ Buses2x

Changes for people on buses

Bus journeys will be quicker, easier, and more reliable during peak times.

Changes include:

  • New peak-hour city-bound bus lane on weekdays in both directions:
    • between 6.30-9.30am in the citybound direction
    • between 4-6.30pm in the outbound direction.
      • To give people time to adjust to the changes, the citybound bus lane hours will run for two years before the outbound bus lane hours start.
  • Priority will be given to buses at Mulgrave Street to improve journey times
  • Improved pedestrian crossings to make it safer to get to and from bus stops
  • Removing two pairs of bus stops to improve speed and reliability along Thorndon Quay, including:
    • Bus stop 5490 and 5025 - by 285 Thorndon Quay near the storage units - which have very low usage
    • Bus stop 5022 and 5494 - by 230 and 191 Thorndon Quay, as there are already stops close to these in both directions.
  • Improved street environment to make it more pleasant while waiting for a bus.

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TQ Buses2x

Changes for people driving

Changes include:

  • Maintaining one lane of general traffic in both directions at all times
  • New peak hour bus lanes in both directions
  • Upgrading intersection at Tinakori Road/Hutt Road/Thorndon Quay with traffic signals
  • Six signalised pedestrian crossings, five of which are raised
  • Increasing mobility parking from one park to 10 parks
  • Increasing loading zones from 11 parks to 32 parks
  • Increasing motorcycle parking from five bays to 12 bays
  • Changes to parking time restrictions and reducing car parks from 337 to 262 car parks, including 42 P10 spaces and 134 P120 metred spaces
  • Retaining the existing parking on the western side of the route between the Tinakori Road intersection and 87 Hutt Road.

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 Changes in response to stakeholder and community feedback

We have made a number of changes in response to public feedback on the traffic resolution.

  • The committee endorsed the recommendation in LGWM’s report to delay the operationalisation of the part-time, north-bound bus lane on Thorndon Quay and a small section of Hutt Road. They requested WCC staff keep in contract with businesses along the route to give sufficient notice of future timeframes. 
  • The team heard that the bus stop near Pipitea Marae should remain where it is to avoid congestion on the footpath nearby when large numbers of people gather there.  
  • Businesses on Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road told us that they wanted as many parking spaces as possible, preferably P10s or P120s. They also asked us to change proposed loading zones to parking spaces and change drainage parking to P10s.  

The committee also recommended that consideration be given to delaying the operationalisation of the short section of part-time, south-bound bus lane on Hutt Road (which replaces a traffic lane) until the rest of the Hutt Road south-bound lanes are complete. 

Read a full set of plans and the traffic resolution

View the plans and the traffic resolution

Thorndon Quay street changes

Upgraded intersection at Mulgrave Street, Thorndon Quay, and the bus interchange at Lambton Quay.

New signalised intersection at Tinakori Road/Hutt Road/Thorndon Quay.

Replacing the existing pedestrian crossing from by Moore Street with a new signalised raised crossing by Pipitea Marae across to Capital Gateway.

New traffic signals and raising the existing pedestrian crossing by Bordeax Bakery.

New raised pedestrian platform and traffic signals by Hirepool and SH1 overbridge