Bus, bike and pedestrian improvements supporting documents

Thorndon Quay traffic resolution (TR 26-23)

This document describes the road changes in detail.

TR26 23 Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road 4 (276 KB)

The plans

This document shows the planned changes to route for people walking, riding and using the bus.

Thorndon Quay plans reduced (36 MB)

Thorndon Quay engagement report

This report summarises community feedback on the changes proposed (traffic resolution) for Thorndon Quay

Thorndon Quay Engagement Report Engagement and consultation on the design proposed changes to speed and associated traffic resolution 7 November to 9 December 2022 prepared by LGWM for WCC (2.5 MB)

Parking changes supporting documents

Thorndon Quay parking traffic resolution TR53-21

This document describes in detail the parking changes to Thorndon Quay made in 2021

TR53 21 Thorndon Quay Parking Changes (13 MB)

Thorndon Quay and Hutt Road Parking demand report

Thorndon Quay Hutt Road Parking Demand (1.7 MB)

Thorndon Quay parking analysis report

ThorndonQuay Parking analysis report (1 MB)