The content on this page was accurate at the time of the traffic resolution consultation, and some changes were made to the project as a result of community feedback. We've kept this page to make sure we are being transparent about our process and to show how the project has developed. The main project page is the most up to date place, and more information about the Council's decision can be found in the meeting minutes. 

Making it possible for more people to make more low-carbon trips requires some changes to how we use space on our streets. This means changes to parking in some areas.

To accommodate these street changes in Thorndon, about 150 on-street car parks (mainly short-stay P120 parks) will be removed and about 370 on-street car parks of various types will remain.

There are more than 10 privately operated off-street parking facilities within 5-10 minutes' walk of the area, and several key destinations  have off-street parking for customers, such as Thorndon Pool and New World.

To help mitigate the impacts for visitors, there will be new time-restricted parking, or changes to existing time-restrictions, in several locations, as well as two new mobility car parks, two car share parks, and new P5/P10 car parks near schools during drop-off and pick-up times.

Tinakori Road
  • Replace two P60/P120 car parks outside 277 Tinakori Road with a community parklet
  • One new mobility park outside 320 Tinakori Road (remove one P60/P120 parking space)
  • Replace one P120 car park opposite 241 Tinakori Road with 6m of broken yellow lines (No Stopping) to improve visibility for the pedestrian crossing
Hill Street  
  • Replace one resident car park with 5m of broken yellow lines (No Stopping) to improve visibility of kerb build outs for pedestrians
  • Change the Hill Street bus stop to provide six P5 car parks for pick-up and drop-off 8am-9am and 2pm-3pm, Monday to Friday, during school terms (it will be a bus stop at all other times)
Aitken Street

Changes had originally been proposed on Aitken Street, but there will no longer be any change to parking on Aitken Street. 

Hawkestone Street
  • Change 11 existing coupon car parks to P$ metred car parks.
Pipitea Street
  • Remove one P$ metered car park on the south side of Pipitea Street near the Molesworth/Pipitea intersection and install 6m of broken yellow lines (No Stopping) for the new raised pedestrian platform
  • Change one P$ metered car park to one P$ metered mobility parking space on Pipitea Street outside NZ Rugby House
  • Remove one P$ metered parking space on the north side of Pipitea Street near the Molesworth Street intersection and install 5m of broken yellow lines (No Stopping)
  • Replace two P$ metered car parks with two new Diplomatic Corp parks outside the High Commission of India at 72 Pipitea Street
  • Replace one P$ metered car park with one new Diplomatic Corp park outside 39 Pipitea Street
Molesworth Street
  • Remove 19 P$ metered car parks on right side of lower Molesworth Street for the two-way bike lane
  • Remove 47 P$ metered car parks and one mobility car park on right side of upper Molesworth Street for one-way bike lane
  • Relocate five motorbike parking spaces from right side to left side, replacing one P$ metered car park
  • Relocate one mobility parking space outside Parliament on Molesworth Street
  • Install two new car share spaces, replacing two P$ metered car parks
  • Install two new taxi stand spaces, replacing two P$ metered car parks.
Lambton Quay  
  • Remove school bus stop 5500 from 7am-9am and 12 P$ metered car parks at other times; this bus stop will be relocated to Stout Street
Bunny Street
  • Relocate the existing bus stop on the north-eastern side of Bunny Street to the south-western side
  • Change the existing full-time loading zone to a bus stop 7am-9am and 3.30pm-6pm, Monday to Friday; and a loading zone at all other times
Murphy Street  
  • Remove 13 P$ metered car parks on the right side of Murphy Street between Halswell Street and the signalised pedestrian crossing outside New World and install broken yellow lines to make space for protected one-way bike lane.
  • Install four new P10 car parks for pick-up and drop-off between 8.30am-9.30am and 2.30pm-3.30pm, Monday to Friday, at 26 Murphy Street during the period when the Thorndon Pool is closed only.
Mulgrave Street
  • Remove 13 P$ metered parking spaces and install broken yellow lines (No Stopping) to make space for protected one-way bike lane.
Stout Street
  • Change 22 angled P$ metered car parks to school bus stop 5500 between 7am-9am and 3:30pm-6pm Monday – Friday, and then 12 P$ metered parallel car parks at other times

Where else you can park

For people who do need to drive, there is still lots of parking in the Thorndon area. We are supporting people to get around in different ways and parking changes like these are part of preparing the city for the future.

In the side streets, there are still car parks available but some restrictions may change.

There are numerous Wilson Parking car parks in the area providing off-street car parks for visitors, including:

  • 1 Ballantrae Place
  • 22-28 Hill Street
  • 21-57 Molesworth Street – Wellington Cathedral
  • 100 Molesworth Street – Rugby NZ
  • 9/15 Little Pipitea Street
  • 48 Mulgrave Street
  • 38 Murphy Street
  • 81-87 Thorndon Quay
  • 83 Waterloo Quay
  • Halswell Street

750 commuter car parks are also available during the week at Sky Stadium through Care Park at 105 Waterloo Quay, which is approximately 5-10 minutes' walk from Thorndon.

For more, read the Parking Management Plan