Changes to car parking

We are planning significant parking changes along this busy commuter route to enable more people to go by bike or bus and help reduce carbon emissions.

We've worked closely with businesses and the Thorndon Residents Association in particular spots to see what parking restriction times will work best for the area.

Patanga Crescent
  • 6 additional resident parking spaces replace existing 6 coupon parking spaces.
Tinakori Road (Botanic Garden ki Paekākā entrance to Bowen Street/Tinakori Road intersection)
  • All parking on the uphill (Botanic Garden ki Paekākā side) will be removed to allow for a separated cycleway. (19 P120 parking spaces, 5 residents parking spaces). 
  • Between 7am and 10am Monday to Friday when the downhill side will operate as a shared bus and bike facility, no parking will be allowed. P120 parking time restriction applies at all other times and 2 P10 parking spaces.
  • Removal of 1 P10 parking space on the downhill section outside the dairy near the intersection of Bowen Street to ensure the intersection does not get blocked.
Bowen Street (Tinakori intersection to The Terrace)
  • 5 P60 parking spaces will remain on the northern downhill side outside of clearway hours Monday to Friday 7am-9am.
  • All other parking on northern (Thorndon) side removed (55 coupon parking spaces and 10 metered parking spaces)
  • New mobility parking space replaces one of the 2 existing P10 parking spaces just up from The Terrace
  • All other parking on the southern side removed (81 coupon parking spaces and 1 P10 space)
Whitmore Street (Lambton Quay to Waterloo Quay)
  • All parking on both sides removed (14 metered parking spaces)
  • Taxi stand relocated to Stout Street
Stout Street (northern end)
  • Taxi stand replaces 6 metered parking spaces
Thorndon and Kelburn resident parking zone changes
  • Thorndon Residents Zone boundary altered to include Patanga Crescent, St Mary Street, and an additional section of Tinakori Road up to the intersection with Glenmore Street at Kilmester Ave.

Where else you can park

For people who do need to drive, there is still parking in the Bowen Street area. We are supporting people to get around in different ways and parking changes like these are part of preparing the city for the future.

Mowbray Street
  • Mowbray Parking – 16 Mowbray Street
Ballantrae Place
  • Wilson Parking – 1 and 21 Ballantrae Place
Bolton Street
  • Wilson Parking – 11 Bolton Street
The Terrace (Bowen Street end)
  • Wilson Parking – 99 The Terrace