Traffic resolution 134-22: Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to city bus and bike improvements

The traffic resolution details the road and parking changes required.

TR134 22 Botanic Garden Cycle and Bus lanes (2.7 MB)

Botanic Garden ki Paekākā to city plans

View a full set of plans for the route.

Plans for Botanic Garden to city route 4 July 2022 (23 MB)

Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) report

You can read about the options that were considered and why we progressed one option into design. Note this report includes the Newtown to city route as well.

MCA Report Newtown to City and Botanic Gardens to City (602 KB)

Multi-criteria analysis (MCA)

This is a spreadsheet with the options assessed and how they scored against the criteria. Note this report includes the Newtown to city route as well.

Newtown to City Botanic Gardens to City Draft Multi Criteria final (273 KB)

Accessibility Audit - Botanic Garden to city

This is an independent audit of the designs for bus and bike changes between Botanic Garden ki Paekākā and the city from an accessibility perspective.

Accessibility Audit Botanical gardens to city (1.4 MB)

Bus stop bypass accessibility assessment

This is an independent assessment of the bus stop bypasses from an accessibility perspective.

Bus stop bypass accessibility audit (Riddiford St example) (995 KB)

Consultation summary - July 5-26 2022

This document summaries feedback received from the community about the project during the July 2022 consultation period. This report was presented to Council, along with all submissions in full when they were making the decision to proceed to installation.

FINAL B2C Consultation Summary (4.9 MB)

Intersection analysis - pre-change report

This report outlines analysis of The Terrace and Bowen Street intersection. This is baseline analysis that can be compared to when the changes are installed.

Folkl WCC Botanic Garden ki Paekaka to City FINAL2 (8.4 MB)

Parking analysis report

This parking analysis report covers parking data and makes recommendations for the management of parking in the area.

As part of our approach to these interim street changes, some parking may still need to be adjusted. We’re working closely with businesses in particular spots.

PMP Botanic Gardens to City_Abley (1.5 MB)

Parking signs plan

This document includes plans marked up with the parking changes and signage required.

Parking management signs botgardens only (906 KB)