Information on this page was correct at the time of consultation, and some of it will now be out of date.  See this page for up to date information

Top image shows Karori Road with a raised pedestrian crossing on the left and a separated cycleway on the right. Bottom image shows an aerial map of the cycle route through Karori with the route from the city to South Karori Road highlighted.

Bus, bike and pedestrian improvements on Karori Road will make journeys between Karori and the city safer and easier for everyone. Between Chaytor Street and South Karori Road, we’re proposing to: 

  • install a shared path from the Chaytor Street intersection to the bus stop around the corner on Karori Road  
  • heading from the city towards west Karori, install uphill bike lanes from: 
    • Nottingham Street to Lancaster Street  
    • Near Karori Baptist Church to the top of the rise past Marsden School  
  • heading from west Karori towards the city, install uphill bike lanes from: 
    • Karori Park to Chamberlain Road
    • Raine Street to the top of the rise before Marsden School 
  • shared traffic lanes in the downhill citybound direction after Marsden Shops, except through the cutting, where there will be a wide shoulder  
  • raise four existing zebra crossings along the length of Karori Road 
  • install two new raised zebra crossings across Karori Road near Raine Street, and near Karori Park Diary 
  • install raised courtesy crossings across Campbell Street and Raine Street at their intersections with Karori Road  
  • increase the length of most bus stops to at least 20 metres to provide for increased bus capacity 
  • change three bus stops to in-lane bus stops to provide for easier boarding, and reducing delays caused by merging with traffic  
  • remove bus stop 4236 near Reading Street, and 4330 near the Tringham Steet corner, as there is another stop within short walking distance  
  • two pairs of bus stops will be combined and moved to more even spacing for quicker bus journeys
    • bus stops 5325 and 5326 (between Donald and Campbell Streets) will be combined and moved near to 215 Karori Road, near Huntleigh Home
    • bus stops 5330 and 5329 (opposite Tringham Street and outside Karori Auto Services) will be combined and moved between Burrows and Richmond Avenues
  • add a new bus stop near the Karori Park Dairy at no.424 Karori Rd and new pedestrian crossing to help people access it 
  • relocate the taxi stands from outside Karori Mall to angled car parks on Parkvale Road, so the bus stop can be lengthened.

Parking changes

On Karori Road, the proposal is to remove 198 out of 279 unrestricted car parks.

The proposal would:

  • remove 198 unrestricted car parks
  • remove eight time restricted parking spaces:
    • two P10 car parks outside Marsden School
    • one P10 car park from near the Subway
    • one P30 near the Four Square, to make room for bus stop
    • four P30 carparks outside Karori Mall to make room for a longer bus stop

Other parking types will be converted, including:

  • 15 unrestricted car parks changed to P10 drop off/pickup car parks near Marsden School on Karori Road
  • one carpark changed to six bike parks on Hatton Street
  • convert two angle parks on Parkvale Road to two taxi stands, which are currently in front of Karori Mall.

On this road, approximately 90 percent of properties have off street parking.

The effect on businesses on Karori Road will be minimal as they will be easier to access on foot, by bus, or by bike, and there are few parking changes in front of businesses proposed.

At Karori Park, the effect for visitors will be a reduction in unrestricted parking on Karori Road. Within 200 metres of Karori Park entrances (2.4 minutes walk at 5kph walking pace) the parking change is a removal of about 56 of 480 parks, with approximately 424 parks remaining.

There will be no change to parking spaces within Karori Park’s three adjacent off-street carparks at Karori Road, Makara Road, and Sunshine Avenue. 

Mitigation options include:

  • Introducing time restrictions to the three adjacent carparking areas.
  • Encouraging walking, cycling and catching the bus as options for getting to the park.
  • Encouraging carpooling and use of shuttles for sports teams.

Explore the changes on different streets

Karori Road

Karori Road by the city end shops, view towards Karori

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Karori Road

Karori Road by Campbell Street, looking towards Makara Peak

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Karori Road

Karori Road by Tringham Street, looking towards Makara Peak

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