Improvements on this route will allow people to safely bike to the beach, cafes, shops and other destinations in the area and further afield. They will connect with existing safe routes and other improvements planned.

Onepu Road

  • Safer bike route from Rongotai Road to Lyall Parade with separated bike lanes on both sides of Onepu Road except for a 100m shared bike and bus lane southbound near the bus barns and the section south of Wha Street
  • The section south of Wha Street to Lyall Parade will have painted bike lanes on both sides of the road (this is an alteration to the proposal made in response to community feedback and means about 50 car parks will be retained on this section)
  • Changes to be integrated with a major upgrade of the intersection of Rongotai and Onepu roads, which is due to start later this year
  • Left turn only out of Pak'n'Save on to Onepu Road. People wanting to head right will use Mahora Street instead
  • Changes at Countdown – southern driveway in only and northern driveway out only
  • New 6-second priority light at the intersection of Onepu Road and Coutts Street so people on bikes can travel safely through ahead of buses and other traffic
  • Changes to footpath area outside Rita Angus to remove parked cars and separate into pedestrian and biking spaces.
  • Raise and improve the pedestrian crossing on Onepu Road near Wha Street
  • New raised pedestrian and bike crossing on Onepu Road at the Leonie Gill pathway
Bus stop changes on Onepu Road

These changes will allow for new bike lanes and help make bus journeys slightly quicker:

  • Bus stop 6327 will remain in its original location near the intersection with Coutts Street (in response to community feedback the proposal to move it slightly north to outside the Salvation Army Family Store is not going ahead) 
  • Install a new raised platform at bus stop 7327 outside Harbour City Funeral Home. Buses will stop in the traffic lane.
  • Remove two southbound stops:
    • Bus stop 6329 (near Resolution Street)
    • Bus stop 6331 (near the south end of Apu Crescent) 
  • Move northbound bus stop 7328 to just north of Endeavour Street, and southbound bus stop 6328 slightly south to improve visibility and space between stops  
  • Move stop 7330 (Onepu/Wha Street shops) slightly south and install a new platform. Buses will stop in the traffic lane.

Lyall Parade

  • 30km/h safer speed zone on Lyall Parade between Tirangi Road and Queens Drive

Cruickshank Street

  • Changes to how vehicles enter and exit Cruickshank Street will make the intersection with Onepu Road safer
  • Cruickshank Street will remain two-way but be more like a cul-de-sac. Drivers will have to enter from Queens Drive, and will only be able to turn left onto Onepu Road.

Key parking changes

  • Reduced number of on-street car parks available and changes to some parking restrictions on Onepu Road
  • On Apu Crescent, replace three unrestricted parking spaces with three P10 car parks outside 155 Onepu Road (Lyall Bay Minimart)
  • On Wha Street:
    • Extend the P10 parking near Onepu Road Dairy from two to three parking spaces
    • Replace two unrestricted parking spaces with two P60 carparks near 144 Onepu Road (Elements Lyall Bay)

See parking changes page for details.

Onepu Road

Onepu Road at the Wha Street intersection. The view is towards the Kilbirnie shopping area (north).

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Onepu Road

Onepu Road outside the bus barns. The view is towards the Kilbirnie shopping area (looking north).

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