Improvements planned and under way

With the Central City Area Working Group in 2016 and 2017, we considered a range of possibilities to improve connections and make getting around by bike safer and easier.

Detailed design work has been done on more than 20 improvements that could be made between the railway station and Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.

Some of these changes are now completed and others could still happen in the future as part of Let's Get Wellington Moving which aims to create a better environment for people walking and biking.

They include:

  • some possible new cycle lanes, including contra-flow lanes in one-way streets that would allow people on bikes to travel both ways
  • more bike-friendly crossing points (particularly to the waterfront)
  • wider kerb ramps
  • more cross buttons for people on bikes
  • minor changes to traffic light phases
  • intersection improvements including more green stop boxes.


Next steps 

Some of the changes – like kerbs and new cross buttons – are fairly minor and can be carried out as part of our routine upgrade programmes.

With others, like the proposed contra-flow cycle lanes in one-way streets, which would be new for Wellington, people will have opportunities to comment. We’ll talk or write to those directly affected, and seek wider feedback when proposed traffic changes are advertised.

Central city

See the improvements we're considering for the central city. Following public consultation, some of these changes have been completed.

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